Is Your Freelance Writing Effective? Make It Better With These Steps

Starting freelance writing is easy. But making it effective along the way requires a determined muscle to overcome the hurdles.

At first, it can seem like an easy road to walk. And once the bumpy part of the process starts to appear, It’s time to grasp the techniques to remain in the writing race.

Effectiveness comes from habits that you adopt and make them your writing guide.

With small bits of exercise done consistently, then discipline and quality will accompany you along the way.

Keep These Habits On And Your Freelance Writing Will Be Irresistible

freelance writing discipline

When you identify the ‘particular thing’ that interferes with your focus, you win the battle. You have to master that which wants to make you a slave.
You are sure, without a doubt, writing is your passion, but still, an unknown force pulls within you not to step up.
You want to write, but your head is empty, and when you are full of ideas, your body fails you. So, you find a disconnect in between, and you must put up a fight before anything is accomplished.
You are there struggling and wondering whether it is only me.’

It feels good when your writing is flowing and not struggling with what to say and words are stuck.
This is an experience of every writer, and it is painful to give birth to a great piece, but the fruits after that are sweet.

Make  A List Of Your Struggle Experience VS Your High Moment

freelance writing list


Your struggle corner: You know all is not working your way when:

  • You can barely write a sentence
  • You are unable to meet a deadline
  • You are spending a month without writing a post to your site
  • Your book has taken ages to get finished
  • You keep discarding everything you write because it doesn’t seem like the best
  • You cannot accept client’s work for you are not certain you will deliver as expected
  • You are afraid to write the ideas you have not sure how the response from readers will be
  • Waiting for the perfect time to get “good flowing ideas”


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Your High Moment: This is your preferred time your writing experience is superb

  • When you can have a single sitting and fill pages without any interference of the flow
  • When consistently can post on your site
  • You are able to meet deadlines easily
  • When you utilize your time maximumly and get results

Balancing between the former and the latter is tricky, but even that, there are things you need to do away with if they are harboring your freelance writing success.

  1. Is social media distracting your concentration when you are supposed to be finalizing a paper?
  2. Is tv/movies the reason you are always getting your orders canceled by clients?
  3. Are your friends the reason you cannot meet your writing goals?

If any of the three plays part in discouraging you from scaling high in your career, then you need to seriously consider having a time-plan or doing away with it in totality if no value is added.

See, there are important things those habits rob you that precious moment you should be building your life and career. If not checked, you will fail:

☑ To pay bills

☑ To support your family financially

☑ To build your career in the right way

Just Write In The Midst Of Emptiness

When you have a timetable ready outlining days, places, and exact places to be tapping the keyboard to create words, and your minds go empty. The only thing you find your hands able to do is moving the cursor from one end to another.

Try to bombard your mind at that moment and write like 50 random pieces of sentences that come out.

After that go through each of them and pick what makes sense. It doesn’t matter the struggle in your head; write even if you don’t feel like it.

It could be the title search, and all the 49 turns out to be awful; at least you got one and the only title to think about.

It is the best freelance writing approach for beginners to adopt. To make your writing journey a continuous piece without experiencing struggles even professionals have come to terms with.

Now you have the title ready; what’s next?

For easy flow and letting words ooze freely from your mind without you forcing them, you can breakdown subtopics to guide you, starting with the “Title” to the concluding part.


{Sub-topic idea 1}

{Sub-topic idea 2}

{Sub-topic idea 3}

{Sub-topic idea 4}

{Sub-topic idea 5}


Now with your post-split into sections, at this point, the main idea (topic) is screaming enough in your head. So, from here, you can write words as they come, provided you do not deviate from the main idea.

Forget The Editing Part At This Point

For starters, you are at first so much concerned about freelance writing and you want to make everything surrounding it look perfect.

It is a good spirit to have that kind of approach early in your writing, but to help your gas from getting diminished before you hit the last full stop spot.

Write continuously without looking back at your errors or trying to correct mistakes. When you do that, your flow of ideas may be interfered with and it is most likely you halt in the middle of the content postponing your work for another day.

Blunder number 1 when you do this, is to collide idea flow the day you plan to continue from where you left.

Blunder number 2 will prolong your project because of the disruption to do some edits at every stage.

Take A Break

It is not healthy for you to write in one sitting, and in your freelance writing life, you should adopt a gathering moment of ideas as the mind refreshes.

You need that break to grab some distance viewing, walking around nature, occupying the mind with something not so engaging to have some breath. When you do that, you allow brain muscles to loosen up, providing space for even more fresh and How to beat creative block and generate new ideas.

Even if there is a deadline you are observing, taking a short break is very important to allow the creative section in your mind to keep flowing new ideas to put in your content.

Some testify that going swimming and immersing deep in the water helps their mind clear for a fresh ‘thinking’ while others prefer water to carry the vagueness off their head through a shower.

So, it is a mix-up of different approaches provided you take that moment to allow more creativity to settle on you. Whatever it is you prefer, take some minutes away, and by the time you reconnect back to your writing, new ideas will fall into place.

Have A Notebook Always With You

For the rest of your life freelance writing, you will have habits that mimic that of a Musicians.

For instance, many will tell you the creative part hits them unaware while driving, walking down the park, in the shower, with friends, in the clubs, and uncountable joints.

And when you link those joints together, all the ideas written from one place to another are enough to complete a song.

How did it happen? Not while sitting, but jotting ideas as they flow. It doesn’t matter it is on the tallest mountain or in the tunnel, but at the end of the day, when all are joined together, they make something lyrical.

The same approach you should replicate to have a precious place to scoop those ideas when you are putting a post with senses together.

Writing is not a long process; unfolding the idea you have is the process, and you will be required to undo the knots until you get to the finish line for it to make sense.

Have your notebook with you and keep it organized to make things easy when searching for information. Your freelance writing experience will turn out to be easy when you incorporate the habit.

Repeat The Process

When you commit to doing something productive daily while following the said procedure, your life will never be the same again. Consistently practicing the process for a whole month is long enough to have instilled discipline in your freelance writing career.


Make your freelance writing journey as easy as possible by slowly building the muscles and later in life the hilly part will look like a walkover.

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