ContentMart Shutdown: How Does It Affect Freelancers?

The famousWorld great depressionstill lingers in many people’s mind even if they never experienced the economy pain back then, well, ContentMart shutdown is no much different.

In 1929, the economy shape took a sharp dive. The repercussion of the economic failure later would affect families, jobs, deflation, many became homeless and some situations were permanent damage that could not be reversed.

The number of businesses that once were shining only later to stumble is a recurring happening over the years. What can you learn as a freelancer? No one thought ContentMart shutdown would someday be real, especially for those freelancers & clients who solely trusted the platform.

A couple of years back, Motorola, Microsoft, Kodak, Sony, Yahoo and many others were the business of the moment. Today, you rarely hear their mention, even after many trials to stay relevant. Of course, there are the likes of Apple that stumbled and later made it to the top. Just recently the company made a historic $1 trillion dollar market cap.

Now, the big question would be, what can you do as a freelancer to maintain success? Some studies have put it that, out of 10 businesses that start, only 3 make it through past 10 years. Does it mean ContentMart was among the statistics of the 7 that fail?

How ContentMart Shutdown Is  A Wake Up Call To Freelancers & Freelancing World

Shock for contentmart closing for good

ContentMart was started by Anton Rublevskyy in August 29th, 2015. Since the operation, the company absorbed quick momentum to register thousands of clients and freelancers.

It has been a promising platform vouched for by the big sites on the net that saw the potential of the business. One Harsh Agrawal of Shoutmeloud did a thorough post highlighting benefits of hiring & being a freelancer of ContentMart.

So, you can see ContentMart shutdown is a let down to many people that loved the site professionalism. However, below I have created a list that should prepare you early of such unexpected news.

Let ContentMart Shutdown Be A Thrive Turn For You

Whether you used ContentMart platform or not, it should teach you how to shape your freelancing business.

Probably, the site was your biggest source of income and now you’ll have to start from zero. First, create your freelancing business with a solid foundation. No one should tell you about the power of “to do list”

The most successful entrepreneur’s in the world adopt a habit of proper planning by highlighting the steps they plan to accomplish ahead of the journey. Your plan may look stupid at first, but as you learn to deal with one item at a time may help you accomplish your dreams sooner than later.

You can thrive in trouble when you have a plan. This is only possible if you create a mechanism to deal with dangerous times.

Never Put Your Eggs In One Basket

If you have your focus on a single source of income, well, that is suicidal to your freelancing career. With multiple options available on the web, I don’t see any reason why a freelancer should not think outside the box.

Okay, probably you have every reason to invest your time and money on a preferred content mill. If ContentMart surprise shutdown does not scare your career choice as a freelancer then you can only be likened to a warthog. It suffers from short memory loss. Warthogs run from their predators and instantly forget they are being chased, along the way they start feeding only after the predator appears it reminds them of an earlier looming danger and resumes back to “run for their lives.

It is the worst scenario for a freelancer to find themselves in. Nowadays, the web provides you with numerous opportunities to spread your investment wisely.


If you are that kind of freelancer obsessed with the idea of focusing on certain clients in one platform, probably now it is the time to reconsider your stand.

Diversifying is a smarter approach that can help your pockets to remain loaded throughout the season. Freelancers who have embraced the art of diversifying are not caught off-guard by ContentMart Shutdown situations.

Working with various clients from different platforms, keeps your income flow assured even if some discontinued their services with you.

Another effective freelancing approach for those who diversify is to add more skills. If you are a copywriter specialist, you can add skills such as video script, autoresponders, & sales copies to help you diversify your freelancing career.

You are able to reach more clients from different fields and any platform shutting down like ContentMart would not affect your business in any way.

Start Your Own Blog

It is almost impossible to be trusted as an authority without a website/blog today. The fact that you can earn money and win clients without a blog, it leaves you out when a big portion of a cake is shared.

For one, owning a blog markets you in your area of expertise to relevant clients. Secondly, you easily win clients without panicking whether your the bids you have placed in the content mills will go through or not. Thirdly, your blog is a source of income through adverts, affiliate marketing, & blogging.

With a blog, whether ContentMart shutdown happens or clients lock you out of projects, you are assured of a platform to close deals. Your blog is your business, earning source, marketing platform, and you are the CEO.

Freelancers with a blog are the smart ones who no longer chase after clients from every corner. Instead, they are professionals who freelancing to them is an extra source of income.

From experience, I did some test where I would pitch and include my personal site while others I did not. You know what I learned? When I included my blog, I had a positive response compared to those without my site link. And the hiring rate was approximately 70%.

What’s Next For You

If you have been a victim of ContentMart Shutdown, all is not lost. A mail that was sent by the company alerting both freelancers and clients at least ended in a sigh of relief.

ContentMart Team

“We are proud of the ease we brought by uniting content buyers with the content writers, but even more so, we are grateful for each one of you who helped us grow.

This doesn’t mean that the idea behind Contentmart is gone forever. We allow the writers and clients to exchange contact if they wish to continue trading offline.”


What happened whether you are a freelancer or a client makes you learn that even the mighty corporation you see today might someday shut down. You just have to move on and build something to keep you prepared when uncertainties strike.

Final Word

If you are entering in the freelancing industry learn from the ContentMart shutdown realization. If you were affected directly, sorry, just make a career turnaround and create smart strategies to help your future hold. And if you are suffering a second let down, wake up, dust yourself & decide whether this is something you’d like to see happen to you again.

It is sad when things we believe in reach a time and crumble. However, it is a good idea if you learn a lesson with others and make the necessary steps to avoid such shifting in your life.

Do you have a story you can share with us, how something bad happened in your freelancing journey, and how did you make a turnaround? Let’s share and help somebody.


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Harsh Agrawal
5 years ago

Were you able to find a good alternative to CM?
It was such a nice platform.

Amna Sheikh
5 years ago

There are other better and plenty of content writing projects websites available for freelancer, The immense growth of Fiverr is definatly a reason other website are not doing well.

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