Newbie Seo Strategy To Incorporate Into The Content:Step By Step


If you are new in the writing industry, then obtaining relevant SEO strategy is a must to help your site grow.

In the world we are living today, SEO usage can determine whether you stay in the game or about to become extinct before even playing the real game.

Avoid the hype spread all over the web, and learn the ropes.

Every business you are seeing online today, and ranking well on Google is daily investing on Seo strategies in order to clinch the targeted “Top Position”

So, before you speed your finger on your keyboard, bear in mind which direction is your content headed first.

Apply the practically proven Seo Strategy to help your content become the most savored by search engines and human.

New Kid On The Block? Utilize Basic SEO Strategy In Your Content

The problem of you failing in your writing career, is you imagining that SEO application is for professionals. And your young confidence tells you anyone will forgive you for that ignorance?

You are completely mistaken. Grab confidence and incorporate the laid list of SEO strategy that will raise curious eyebrows from readers, search engines, and clients if you are still searching for dollars.

Have a Plan

It is exciting when you finally secure a new website and it is time to fill those pages as soon as possible. Ha, my friend, you are dead wrong.

This is online and there are rules that govern the type of content you produce.

When you hear of ‘SEO writing’ it is the one that allows websites rank top of search engines like

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo

But not just SEO, there is a way to combine that process.

For one, the content must have a good SEO, be of great quality, informative, which means, it helps the user to solve a problem.

Let me clarify that again:

Seo user friendly content

Much of this will be covered below, but at least you understand my driving point here. Just ensure from the start your content has friendly SEO.


The title is your driver which determines how your content should flow.

Include keyword in your title once so as to help your content attract good traffic more so from search engines.

But even though, plan to place it in the beginning or after a few characters so as to avoid Google cutting it off on SERP.

So, think about a good title to write, because the audience and search engines are attracted first by your content title.

Content Structure

Your content structure is part of a good SEO strategy that allows the search engine to crawl your content easily, make your work readable on various devices (especially on mobile) and users have good experience for website maneuver.

When writing, let your sentences be short, with a maximum of 3 lines per paragraph.

That is a good content structure, easy for audiences to grasp the needed information without any struggle.

Have a professional planning from the start, that is the header, meta description (opening paragraph) and just know this part is important for search engine to display the first 160 characters on top pages. Ensure it is catchy and somehow summarize your content.

Applying hierarchy based paragraphs structure would flow like this:

Title – H1 and should include Keyword once

H2 – This one is a sub-heading and should as well have a keyword

H3 – For this one, it is an H2 sub-heading and you should not include any keyword here.

When having them hierarchically arranged this way, helps your content readable to search engines, and is one of the best ways in building SEO strategy like a professional.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Learn the mentioned strategies and apply them without getting smart. Newcomers, have one weakness, and that is trying to outdo the old dogs. This has worked for some though shortly, and the next moment they were nowhere to be found.

You do that, and search engines become your enemy. So, write your content including your keyword naturally, which means it is readable. Don’t write and some words look as if they were literally fixed.

Google hates keyword stuffing, for it is a wrong way of cheating your way up and eventually you will be caught.

Observe Your Site Design

Right now, if you have a site and it is not mobile-friendly, then you are loosing out.

About 80% of websites are believed to be mobile friendly, which means your content is visible to millions who the majority are aged between 18 and 35 years.

Actually, Google is friendly to sites that consider the mobile design and ensuring easy readability of their content. So, if you consider ranking high in search engines, make this a priority because future SEO is headed in that direction.


When using images in your content it is important to use alt attributes, that is title tag and alt title. It helps in optimization and effective when creating an SEO strategy. Besides, they are easily found by search engine spiders and accessibility by users. You wonder where to do that? Look at the image below. The best thing is to include your keyword in the alt tag, while for alt title you can leave it blank.

SEO strategy, building SEO strategy

Doing It Practically

Let me jog your mind again so you get this process the simple way. Try to capture everything summarized here:

SEO Strategy, good SEO strategy

Wrapping Word

You don’t have to spend years learning how to use/write SEO. Just follow this procedure and you will produce content with the best SEO strategy for increasing the traffic to your website or clients soon.

Just keep trying, and spend more time writing related content and using the best SEO practices. But, be warned as this will never happen if you stop practicing.


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