How New Entrants Marketers Should Climb In The Noise

New entrants underdog strategy

New entrants marketers

For new entrants marketers joining the league, find it hard climbing on top against the heavy current flowing the opposite direction. It takes courage, a big heart, drive, and energy to stand against all the odds standing in the path of marketers.

The problem with new beginners is to copy paste same old ideas. This approach has contributed to the highest percentage of newbies failing immediately they join. This is caused by”

  • Intimidation from high competition
  • Lack of strong strategy
  • Lack of creativity
  • Lack of passion

However, there are several important points aspiring marketer to consider taking the tour, should consider now and in the future.

Refuse The New Entrants Underdog Strategy

New entrants underdog strategy

Completely refuse the invitation to take this approach. Not only does it minimize your marketing focus, but also undermines your capability to fight underlying challenges. When you as a marketer are entering into this path, let vision and focus lead you. You have to choose the kind of marketer you want to be, either:

  1. Good new entrant marketer
  2. Bad new entrant marketer

Both of them are working towards a certain end, but one path leads to destruction “spot”. To be a good one, you have to adopt a solid plan determined to grow.

Applying an underdog strategy is to see yourself as a minute in the midst of giants. How can your persuasion power attract even the weakest of customers? I bet not a single one of them would like to follow a visionary marketer taking the suicidal path at will.

To beat this, you have to be a marketer who can stand at a distance and tell the challenges standing in the way. Second, devise a plan on how to tackle those challenges. Third, compare your plan and common disease that was a hindrance to other marketers success there before. Once you are satisfied with your plan, start and never look back.

Research Your Market Early

Loading yourself at the launch stage with necessary information regarding your line of the market is like entering the war zone with a loaded gun. As a soldier, you make sure the bullets are more than enough to keep you in control all through.

So, performing your research early enough will help you not repeat new entrants blunder. Since you have observed your path, the only thing remaining is to execute the plans you have one by one.

By now you have your product ready, and identified your audience, start now to build your brand and while making impressions.

Ignore The Noise

When you have identified your mission, never look right or left until you grab the price at the finishing line. It is challenging the moment you have launched your new product/marketing idea, and criticism will hit you from all direction. At this stage, you require adding weight to your stamina.

No one can define your journey but you alone, and it is high time to trust your guts. Do not entertain to carry unnecessary baggage along the way, which from the start was not part of the plan. So, ignore all the voices shutting you up and let your marketing results answer them instead.

Sometimes standing your ground feels like walking a troubled road. Your key plan from the beginning is to identify new ways of doing things differently from the past marketers that failed. Also, you focus on the finishing line because that is where you are going to see the full details of your marketing idea.

You have your product, execution plan, and learning to identify your real audience. Once you focus on that, your true customers will stick with you, and the next phase will be to maintain that idea while wooing new clientele.

Make Your Significant Insight An Authority

There is a tendency to look down on new entrants from the big boys. Let not that worry you, your unique approach will pave the way ahead even in the midst of all resistance you encounter.

Your way of doing marketing will help you move faster which is contrary to others since it is uncovered before. How will it set you apart? No one can question something they are not familiar with, therefore, better stay aside and watch as you pass by.

The idea here is to play the unmatched game to those competitors by demonstrating something out of their league. If you want to outsmart the shark, take it out of the comfort zone (water) and it will become biteless.

Big companies thrive most because they have a huge influence on resources. When you introduce a new marketing approach that is being accepted by customers and a good number of them, even those big players will consult you. Why? You just demonstrated something they never had. It is a marketing opportunity for you since you opted to take the unfamiliar path.

Never Launch Your Marketing Plan On A Mission To Compete

Obtaining ground already captured by other marketers is not an easy task. Imagine a gazelle coming from nowhere, horns ready to charge a relaxed lion? The gazelle is inviting a war it’s not even sure about the win.

Marketing field is ground with players that have been around for years and understand the ins & outs very well. So, if you bring the same methodology to grab a share from their audience, consider your game failed.

Even if you were to make a small bargain, it is a matter of time you lose the ground. Marketing is a game of mind, and you need first to learn the people on the ground because that is your target.

  • What do they want
  • How do they want it
  • What makes them buy from the present marketers
  • How is the packaging of the product

You have to learn all the aspects you can in order to learn market technicalities.

You are studying other marketers way of doing business, and as soon as you are through with your findings, “poke the holes.”

Poking the holes is to identify areas marketers they are missing out. Note all the areas there is a gap and now plan to utilize that as your entry point to hook the audience. A wise marketer creates an idea where others were weak at or failed to identify.

Utilize Technology

Nowadays there is an impact of new entrants using innovation, creativity, and technology to effectively push their marketing agenda with ease. Today, it is easier to put a fight with big players in the industry than it was a few years ago.

The big number of customers have can access the internet and are responding to already positioned marketers ready to provide what they require. So, for a young marketer, who has the right technology is able to work smarter, faster, overcome challenges to deliver to customers expectations.

Years back, you had to have a huge capital to put up a mechanism that is costly and only favored big companies. Thanks to the technology which has completely changed the marketing game.

Audience nowadays has multiple ways of receiving information. The secret marketers are employing to reach out their customers is learning their preferences and now utilizing that method to reach back.

With a responsive website, it is now more possible to learn various ways to reach your customers. This is through

  1. Predictive content
  2. Web personalization
  3. Targeting mobile users
  4. Using ad’s that target their audience for conversion experience

This idea is working to the advantage of marketers giving them the freedom to tailor different approaches depending on what is working.


Working Directly With The Consumers

The new entrants’ strategy they are using is marketing using direct consumer channel which is the most responsive approach ever.

The method is somehow helping marketers shortcut the chase because they can receive the feedback they need directly and with speed. Through information flowing between the two, marketers are able to understand consumers needs and respond quickly helping them make the conversion at a high rate.

Another thing is creating a relationship. With that early integration, marketers are able to build their brand speedily and consumers grow with them because they were included in the building process.

Since this opening is allowing marketers sell directly to customers, in return, they are able to collect their data. One of the useful channel helping marketers meet their goals when reaching out is the use of Social Media. It is the most responsive platform to get instant feedback from consumers.

When consumers commend your products, you know it is time to maintain your product delivery. And if they are not impressed with your packaging, the responses will allow you to go back and rectify areas you were told to improve.

When you have such a powerful channel to connect with your consumers, it is high time to make it solid. Direct consumer experience helps you personalize your products towards your consumers and effectively keeps you on top of others.


If you are a new entrant marketer and looking for a space to build your brand. Learn the consumers’ demands they are seeking and then tailor your marketing strategies not made in boardrooms or closed doors, but outside where consumers are. They want to give love to a brand they can trust, a brand that involves them and understands their needs.

Benefits of Virtual Assistant in 2020 and Beyond

Virtual Assistant Benefits

Since more and more business people rely on the internet for their day to day activities, there has been a need for outsourcing tasks that continue to grow at an alarming rate. Businesses, whether big or small, stand to gain by hiring a virtual assistant.

This is because a virtual assistant, who is self-employed and works remotely, can perform different kinds of administrative tasks to enable a business to operate smoothly. Some of these tasks include:

  • Online Marketing
  • Article and content writing
  • Copywriting
  • Social media management
  • Transcription
  • Blogging
  • Online research
  • Graphic design
  • SEO
  • Proofreading, editing, and typing services
  • Data entry
  • Email management

So why hire a virtual assistant in 2020?

There are many varied benefits of delegating tasks to a virtual assistant, especially now that, globally, activities have been affected by the COVID 19 scourge, and many have been forced to work online.

A virtual assistant is an online personal assistant who is tasked with offering assistance in managing clients; hence is an asset to any business. This is because they are skilled and keep updating themselves with new technology.


Who needs a virtual assistant? 

Startups established businesses, or entrepreneurs, whether sole proprietors or partnerships, can benefit from hiring a virtual assistant to help in inbox management, social media content and management, online client support, and other administrative tasks.

Why is a virtual assistant important?

A virtual assistant is an important addition to any business by ensuring any business operations are done professionally in the following ways:

Setting up systems

Disorganization and inefficiency affect businesses negatively owing to losses in revenue, and part of this is caused by not having proper systems in place. A virtual assistant can assist in setting up, without you having to struggle doing it yourself.

Organizing data

Data about your business is important in projecting plans and goals. Hence, a virtual assistant can collect and organize all your web analytics and customer data and present it to you in a simplified manner. This will ensure that you have the specific and appropriate information you require without doing time-consuming research yourself.

Task delegation

Some tasks, like data entry, online research, typing, proofreading documents, and reports, can be time-consuming and do not necessarily require top management members’ attention.

However, they are still essential for your business. They can be delegated to a VA to ensure that they are completed on time, ensuring that deadlines are met without spending significant time from employees who need to concentrate on other responsibilities.


Most business owners have a field that they are gifted in and would rather concentrate on and specialize in. However, as a business owner, you may have to handle other aspects of your business like book-keeping, data entry, or marketing.

If you are not knowledgeable in handling these tasks, you may run into losses through trial and error or may end up wasting a lot of time learning.

By hiring a VA, you will ensure that tasks are managed competently, freeing up your time concentrating on aspects of the business that you are good at.

Save time

If your business is a sole proprietorship, you can benefit a lot by spending time building your brand instead of being bogged down by day-to-day operations of running the business.

Some of the circumstances that influence entrepreneurs in hiring a virtual assistant are many, including any of the following listed below:

  • Professional assistance in managing social media sites for their brand.
  • Plenty of documents that need typing, proofreading, and e-mailing.
  • Transcribing audios
  • Content for websites or blogs.

Overwhelmed by workload and cannot afford to hire a full-time employee.

Improve productivity by focusing on key aspects of the business.

Reduce expenses by hiring on a contract basis.

4 Essential Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Virtual Assistant


A virtual assistant is readily available since they can fit into your work schedule at your convenience.

That eliminates the inconvenience that comes with interviewing, shortlisting, training, and recruiting staff since there are many job-related platforms where job seekers place their resumes and employers can make appropriate selections as per their preference.


Virtual assistants are very affordable since they are hired on a contract basis bearing in mind that their service is required mainly for only a few hours per day, unlike salaried full-time employees.


Virtual assistants have flexible working timetables and can offer assistance when needed, unlike full-time physical employees who have fixed working schedules.

Whether you need hourly assistance daily, help with specific tasks on a contractual basis, or one-time assistance with a project, a virtual assistant, can meet your specific needs.

Saves time

Time-consuming tasks such as sorting out piled work are outsourced, ensuring you have enough time to network and meet clients, spend quality time with family, and also have time for rest. All this is done with minimal or no supervision from you.

Who needs a virtual assistant?

5 signs indicating that you need a virtual assistant

Too little time and too much to be done

If you discover that you are always reluctant to take time off since there is always too much to do and too little time to do it, then you need to consider sub-contracting some of the tasks to a virtual assistant.

Your business requires skills that you lack

You could require help in managing your social media pages, or you may need assistance in the article or copywriting services for your blog and website, or you may have audios that need to be transcribed.

When you spend more time on administrative tasks than the main business itself

It is difficult to concentrate on expansion and development, especially if most of your time is spent replying to e-mails, invoicing, or making phone calls. Administrative tasks are important, but unfortunately, they are a distraction that drains your energy, preventing you from concentrating on the core business.


If you are always behind schedule, late on appointments, missing meetings, or postponing deadlines causing you to lag in reaching your goals, because you are always too overwhelmed and busy, you need to re-strategize.

What is a Blog? Guide on the Importance of a Blog Today

What is a blot

It is now over 2 decades since the blogging idea was introduced. However, many today are still wondering, what is a blog? In this digital era, almost everyone with access to the internet has interacted with a blog.

Whether you are hearing about the term “blog” for the first time, or you cannot define it, this guide helps to clear all your doubts once and for all.

So, what is a blog definition and example?

By definition, a blog is a website that is regularly updated through the publishing of new content. According to the blogging Law, the published content is written in a conversational or informal style to inform the audience.

Of course, the content goal is either to build a community or to achieve a business purpose.

The topic may appear new, but if you read news online, or check information about the latest trends in town, then you have read several of them, including this one. Today, there are over 500 million blogs on the web, and almost 80 million posts are pumped on the WordPress platform alone per month.

What is the difference between a Blog and a Website

Not many people differentiate between the two, even though they play a separate role. From our blog definition, we have seen it is active through regularly updating of the content, while a website is static without regular updates.

For easy understanding, all blogs are websites, but not all websites are blogs.

Websites are designed with pages only, such as homepage, services page, and contact page. A website can have one page only, to convey business information and contacts to the target audience.

If you are still wondering what is a blog, let us dig deeper. It is designed with both pages and posts of which posts are more than pages. The blog focuses on a subject like a fashion blog and regularly inform the readers by updating with fresh content.

Every new content you upload on a blog displays in reverse chronological order. Therefore, your audience gets to read your most recent posts.

So, how can you tell the difference between a blog and a website? The easy way to make the difference between the two is that blog has the author reference, publishing date, category, and tags. But the website is static without the mentioned elements.

That means when you visit the website today, after one year it will still look the same. Not all blogs have them though; however, there is constant change in content.

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Pages VS Posts – Do they have a difference?

Differentiating, the two may be a little bit confusing, which is natural. They have similarities, but there is a difference in how both work. Here is the way you can single out one from the other as classified below.

Blog Posts:

✅ They are arranged based on categories and tags

✅ They have a comment section for engagement with the audience

✅ You can have numerous posts

✅ They have the author name and the publishing date

✅ They are shareable on social media and other platforms

✅ They can be archived based on months or years

✅ They have a similar format depending on your blog theme

✅ They are organized with headings and subheadings



✅ They don’t have an RSS feed

✅ They do not display the date of publishing and the author

✅ There is no comment section

✅ The information doesn’t change often

✅ Their design is not shareable on social media as posts


The process of writing blogs is different from that of pages for they require a well-strategized approach. You need to create an outline, tone that flows with the audience, topic, subtopic, and the focus depending on the subject. When it comes to pages, it is different.

I believe you now have a better understanding of what is a blog, its difference with websites, posts, and pages.

What are the Benefits of a Blogging

Over the years, blogs have evolved, and today people blog about anything. Some use blogs as a journal, and it gives them a platform to share their ideas, experiences, and creativity with a wider audience.

On the other hand, big companies use blogs to reach their customers by educating them and as a channel to release news. Today, blogging has become an important part of marketing strategies for businesses to promote their products and services.

If you are still not sure what is a blog benefit, check the list below:

☑️ A blog gives you a voice and presents you to the world as an authority

☑️ A blog allows you to showcase your talents, skills, and creativity

☑️ It helps you to organize your thoughts and present them to the reader in an orderly manner

☑️ Businesses are using blogs to lure customers

☑️ There are various methods today you can monetize your blog, and many are making passive through that.

☑️ A blog helps you to connect and interact with like-minded people.


Example of a Blog Platform (on the web)

Currently, there are millions of blogs covering various topics. They are spread all over the world and focus on certain audiences depending on the individual or business target.

You can check our 5 blog list below that can give you a clear idea of blog definition and example.

1. Shoutmeloud


shoutmeloud blog


This blog, also known as SML (initials for ShoutMeLoud) is built around a community of bloggers idea popularly referred to as “shouters.”

It was started in 2008 by Harsh Agrawal. And the blog has had an impact on many bloggers, including the birthing of Newbie Block.

2. Tech Savvy Mama


Tech savvy mama blog


This blog run by Leticia has been helping parents maneuver the upbringing process, especially with the digital age idea. She has a teaching background and fuses that knowledge by guiding parents on how to connect their children with technology positively.

3. Dun Kariuki


duncan kariuki


Dun Kariuki is a blog that talks about anything Social Media. It was started in 2017, and you will find topics such as Social Media features, advertisement, marketing, news, and more.

Also, the founder Duncan Kariuki uses the blog to display his Virtual Assistant services.

4. Deliciously Ella


Delicious Ella Blog


If you love anything to do with foodie, this is the blog to bookmark. Ella started the blog back in 2012 and shares about eating healthy, especially plant-based eating.

Delicious Ella has personally documented the blog by sharing the real-life story of her cooking and the experience.

5. James Clear


James Clear Blog


The owner of this blog, which is under his name is a renowned New York Times bestseller author “Atomic Habits” with over a million copies sold. He covers about habits and how people can enhance their lives by adopting good habits.

He started the blog in 2012 and is a transforming place for anyone looking for positive vibes in their lives.

These are some of the popular blogs out there that you can emulate if you want to start your own.


Why Everyone is Turning to Blog

There are a couple of reasons why individuals and many brands have turned to blog.

  1. Keeps clients and customers up-to-date – Regular updates allow customers to keep coming to learn new ideas, check deals, and if your blog is interesting to them, the more they will make purchases now and then.
  2. Ability to Generate Income – You can use a blog as a source income from different sources such as selling digital products, affiliate products, and advertisements.
  3. Create Long-Lasting Prospects – Your blog can become an authority through your continued sharing of insightful posts, and it builds trust plus credibility. That connection allows your audience to make your blog top priority when seeking for answers because they can trust you.
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool – Search engine loves to crawl new content, and through that, it can rank.


Who can Start a Blog?

Anyone can start a blog today, unlike a couple of years ago when you needed to have coding skills.

Things are very easy today, and thanks for the new innovative tools making the building process easy. By drag and drop tools, your blog takes a few days to set up the process.

Many starting to run a blog make a big mistake by choosing the wrong platform. Luckily, you are safe here if you are still wondering about the process on how to create a blog. The best platform to run your blog is on WordPress platform. It is a website builder and a leading platform in the world where popular blogs run.

Statistically, 37% of the web is built on WordPress, and yours should be there as well. Note that, there are two WordPress platforms: One is, which is a hosted platform, while is a self-hosted platform like this blog.

I would recommend you go with because it gives you the freedom to run your blog with no restriction. You can opt to use any method to bring money through your blog (legal means, of course) with no interference.

Are you excited to run your blog? Learn from here on how to start a blog step by step. It is an easy process that requires you to buy a domain and a website hosting account.

Today, you can purchase a domain name less than $10 per year and website hosting less than $4 per month. If you are just starting out, this may seem like a costly venture, but, it is a road worth taking.

In fact, Bluehost, the only hosting company recommended by WordPress, has an offer when you host with them. You are given a hosting at $2.95 per month and a free domain for the first year.


offer by bluehost


So, you have 12 months to build a successful blog that earns you money, and the returns you get to pay for hosting and domain 2nd-year renewals. What would you call that? The smart blogging idea, right. But after securing your domain name and hosting package, check blogging for beginners and follow the simple process shown there.

I hope this blog post has helped you answer pressing questions about what is a blog. May you start a successful blogging journey that helps you to earn passive income and frees you from the 9 to 5 slavery system.


15 Cryptocurrency Sites That Pay You To Write

Cryptocurrency sites that pay writers

A virtual currency topic popularly known as Cryptocurrency is yet to settle its unquenchable fire across the globe. To some, they are yet to grab a solid understanding of the subject, while to others they see it as the latest language jargon.

Well, by definition Cryptocurrency is a virtual or digital currency that is speedily gaining space designed as a medium of exchange. However, I will not dwell much on the intricacies of the subject. The article focuses on Crypto publishers looking for writers (enthusiasts) who are well informed about the topic.

Business owners and websites trading in crypto are looking for writers acquainted with the subject. It’s a rare subject; however, it’s becoming clear as it continues to attract attention as well as getting appreciated in the market.

For starters, and enthusiasts interested in writing about crypto, I have collected some of the best sites they can consider honing their skills for pay.

So, below are Cryptocurrency sites paying writers to write for them:





Are you dreaming of the best place to offer your cryptocurrency expertise and get paid? This is the place to stop by. Coincentral has three categories of writers they would want to join their pool of experienced cryptocurrency team.

  1. Staff writer (You must possess a solid background in crypto & blockchain technology

>> Be able to write quality content

>> Be able to provide five articles minimum per month/10 maximum.

2. Fundamental analysis content creator (Premium content Team)

>> Have a deeper understanding of blockchain/ crypto technology.

>> Familiar with mining fundamentals & operations

>> You must have invested in cryptocurrency and understand how the whole process works.

>> Provide 3 articles minimum per month/4 maximum

3. A market analyst who is a trader & content creator (Premium content Team)

>> Should have two years trading experience

>> Personally must have invested in the crypto market

>> Provide 3 articles minimum per month/4 maximum

You can try your writing professionalism on the platform and see how things turn out. Reach the Coincentral platform here.

Today’s Gazette




The site is in pursuit of writers able to submit engaging & informative articles focused on cryptocurrency & altcoins subject. They look for content not covered on any other site. So, if you are confident to have your work appreciated by Twitter and Reddit audience, then you can proceed to send your pitch.

Articles without errors are highly encouraged on the platform. You can enlarge your crypto experience by reaching Today’s Gazette here.





Another great site that is looking for outstanding crypto contributors to join their writing team. You are required to share your samples to gauge how well you understand the subject.

You can email them your idea or request their topic preference via the editor’s mail. The pay rate depends on your article quality, and you can choose being paid either in fiat or cryptos. If you send an application, expect feedback within 48 hours. Why not try your luck here?





This is a news site and requires writers to provide exceptional quality of short and unique news stories. The site accepts writers across the globe. So, as long you have the tools and the capacity to deliver news stories fast and first, this is your place.

The article length is around 400 words and above. Send an application here to start rolling Crypto news to the platform.





The site is in search of reliable writers with rich experience in Crypto and ICO. As a writer, you have to provide analytical, interesting insights about market performance, and investigative journalism.

You are only required to sign a form here, and the company editors connect back with you when they see you as a good fit.

NXT Alpha

Crypto writers requirements




Are you an experienced freelancer/author and you have confidence in writing about Crypto/blockchain or public companies? Then NXT Alpha is your platform to share your expertise and get paid.

You are required to write articles ranging from 400 words to 700, though it’s not a sin to surpass that number. Make sure your original content that is unique and never published anywhere (it should be for all publications if you want to get hired time and again).

You should learn about the company audience. For they require before writing, to send a pitch via their contact page by summarizing your idea in a way that augurs with the audience. You can learn more about the site here.

Crypto Briefing

Crypto Briefing writing opportunity



This is one of the fastest-growing Crypto site and constantly hiring news writers for both (crypto & blockchain). You can make a decent income if you are quick to provide intriguing articles ranging between 400 words to 600 words.

You are also required to promote your work in the various social media platforms and provide both primary & secondary sources. The site is a great for upcoming freelancers provided you have published samples to show.

So, appear professional when contacting their editors with approximately three samples that stand out. Does that describe you? Hit the link to grab the opportunity early.


coindesk hiring process



They are looking for writers able to provide news articles or features. They have a swift hiring process, where you provide them with your CV via the company email address or showing proof of your experience with published work.

Also, they sometimes display positions available at their jobs page to learn about new opportunities. So, before sending an email, you can check the job board to see whether there is any position that can interest you. If not, send them proof of your expertise here.


Cryptovest writing opportunity



Another platform you can earn while contributing Crypto work is on this platform. They require writers to reach company editors by filling a form. Normally, you send a pitch and include your best-published work.

You can reach the site by following this linkand after doing so, if your work interests them, you get notified how to start the process.


Journalist opportunity



The journalists who are experienced in covering enterprise stories and news related to blockchain/ Cryptocurrencies are sought to join the contributing team.

They are very specific about writers joining the site.  You must have a Bachelor’s degree in

  • Public relations
  • Journalism
  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • Communications

Once you join the company, be ready to take a full-time position with compensation ranging from $23k to $40k. To join the writing team if you exhaust the above requirements go here. Another option they can pay you is through Ehterium, Litecoin, or Bitcoin.

Total Crypto

Total crypto hiring process




This site looks for writers like you to provide them with informative articles related to Crypto topics. If you have meaningful content and wish to share with the Total Crypto community, go here.

The process is easy, either sending your interest by filling the company contact form or reaching out via the editor’s email address.


How Wirex hires writers




Wirex is interesting for aspiring writers to share their ideas about Crypto & blockchain technology. You can write Crypto stories, news, or anything helpful to the site audience though informative.

The platform is welcoming especially to the new authors looking for ways to get exposed. Article expectations are not that technical, and the reason a good writing amateur in the Crypto world can easily hack it. You are required to provide in between 400 words to 800. 

Before, writing a full article, you send your reason for writing to WIREX, your idea, and any published content. Why not head here & try your luck? After your work is accepted, they reward you with $30 worth of Bitcoin.

Media Shower

Media Shower writing position




Media Shower looks for Crypto & financial writers. It’s a site that connects you to other sites offering Crypto writing jobs.

Whether you are a new or advanced writer, this is a good place to make your name, and improve on your career. They help writers to polish their skills and move to a senior writing position. It is advantageous as the more you rise your pay as well goes up.

You can apply for a Crypto position here.

AMB Crypto

AMB Crypto hiring process




AMB Crypto site calls for writers with experience in Crypto subject, Bitcoin or news to submit their ideas for review. You send the idea to the company editor and wait for the response. You can find the company here.


Bitmedia hiring page





But media is on a mission to educate the mass about anything (digital economy). One of the subjects is Cryptocurrency.

So, this is one Cryptocurrency paying site that you can earn a living contributing helpful content to inform the site audience. You can reach the company through this path.

Final Word

These Cryptocurrency sites that pay you to write can become a reliable source of income. Well, again that depends on what you are ready to provide on the table.

The topic is spreading all over, and while various companies try to win users’ attention at all costs, smart & informed writers gain in the whole process. 

Have you found another site that we may need to add? Share with us. 

5 Reasons Bluehost Is The Best Web Hosting Company

Best Web hosting service provider

So, why should you choose a great web hosting company like Bluehost over the smaller, mushrooming companies?

Simple! A poor web hosting service can be a huge turnoff.

Terrible loading speeds, persistent downtime, shocking support, unending security incidences…name it.

This means:

Frustrated visitors, low dreadful conversions, gradual loss of traffic, and inevitably, you may suffer a mammoth loss of business.

In the end, everything sounds like a big rip-off.

That’s why one of your most crucial decisions when running an online business is that of a web hosting company.

Take it from me:

If you don’t get your web host right, friend, you’ll be in a mess!

How To Choose A Web Hosting Company

So, what do you look for when hunting for the perfect web host?

  • Bandwidth

Bandwidth is a big player in almost every other website performance metric. So, what is it?

Put simply, bandwidth refers to the volume of information your internet service can transmit.

And this affects page loading speed.

You know why?

Some hosting packages limit bandwidth meaning it will take more minutes to fetch website pages from the server.

Unfortunately, visitors to your website aren’t as patient as you and will quickly hit the back buttons and move to your competitors’ website.

Needless to say, going for a web hosting company offering plans guaranteeing unlimited bandwidth will help load times.

This may increase the time that your traffic spends on the site which can lead to more conversions.


  • Support

Many things can go wrong with your website. From your WordPress installation misbehaving, backups failing to initialize, some plugins crippling your website, and more.

When this happens, the most sensible thing to do is to contact support at your hosting company for assistance.

Sadly, some of the mushrooming web hosting companies have awful support. Some take eons to respond to messages and even longer to solve the bugs especially where it’s technical.

So where does this leave you?

You will be facing long waiting days and possible income losses.


  • Website Security

According to the available statistics, the average website faces 44 attempted attacks every day!

It’s also estimated that over 360000 new malware are launched online every day.

Your online business, therefore, needs to be protected and that’s where your hosting company comes in.

If the host cannot offer the latest encryption standards, then your goose is cooked. To be on the safe side, choose a company that uses an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) at the bare minimum.

There’s an additional bonus:

Google loves websites with SSL so you may get a bump in traffic and an improved ranking.

  • Ability to scale

At some point, your website may grow and need more space. Traffic can also flood to the extent that your web hosting company’s server is struggling to accommodate it.

For this reason, you need a web host that allows you to upgrade easily to a plan that matches your needs.

  • Essentials

You will also need to factor in crucial elements like:

Email: a custom email associated with your website looks more credible. The best hosting company offers packages with adequate email addresses.

Backups: In case something happens to the current installation, a backup will help you restore service in no time. Your company should provide reliable automated  backups

Downtime: This refers to the time that your website is offline. Though not always possible, your website should never be offline because of the possible losses.

5 Reasons Bluehost is the Best Web Hosting Company

Now, one of the best web hosting companies to host your website with is Bluehost.

The company reported that they are now hosting over 1,000,000 domains –including this domain- a huge vote of confidence from users around the world.

So, what makes the company tick?


999% Uptime

Bluehost has always pioneered trendsetting inventions in the web hosting space. The engineers at this web host work round the clock to minimize downtime to levels that you can’t find anywhere else.

This unique approach has seen the company deploy sophisticated web hosting security systems to incredible success with the company currently hitting industry-leading uptime of about 99.99%.


Amazing Support

A major reason behind the company’s rise to fame has been the distinguished customer support.

The support team comprises of accomplished experts in their own right and is able to respond promptly to your queries when stuck.

You can call or chat live with the guys at the customer care desk 24/7 with tickets being attended within a few minutes.

WordPress/Joomla Integration

So why should you struggle to install WordPress or Joomla while you can get it as part of your web hosting package at Bluehost?

Yes. That’s right.

The company’s deep experience in handling diverse user needs has allowed them to craft unique tools to help you install and work easily with not only Joomla and WordPress but also many other popular applications.

Lightning Fast Loading Speeds

Bluehost has prioritized website loading speeds above everything else.

The company boasts of faster hardware, highly innovative network architecture- with powerful data centers hosted in three continents- and the latest software solutions.

Courtesy of this continued culture of being early adaptors of the latest website hosting speed technologies, the company guarantees that your website will be uploading in phenomenal time.

Impregnable Security

Still, the company has gone out of its way to implementing one of the most revolutionary security setups ever seen.

Not only does each and every website come with a free SSL Certificate but you will also have custom firewall security rules guarding your site against malicious attacks.

Not only that:

The company makes a lot of updates –including security apps- every year as part of ensuring that criminals will never have a way through.

And in the very unlikely event that your site is felled, the company’s dependable auto backups will help you to restore service quickly.

Final Word

Bluehost is head and shoulders above the competing web hosting companies.

From advanced security systems, super-fast loading speeds, outstanding customer support, and almost 100% uptime, and WordPress/Joomla integration, this company’s web hosting systems have it all.

Your site will always be on, secure, loading fast, and generally on track to generate a handsome return on investment!

You can try Bluehost here and see for yourself whether its services fit your business.





8 Positive Laws Every Youth Should Know

How Youths can stay positive

Being a youth is a one-way ticket; you cannot go back and undo the things you regret, but the journey is long enough, there is time to make corrections all you have to do is realize where you are now, where you are headed, and where you have gone wrong.

There are a few things you should always keep in mind as a youth:

  1. You have a purpose to serve

Youth getting busy in positive engagements

Just because you are young and have not achieved as much as every other average youth in the society does not mean you are worthless.

There is a reason why you exist; you are not here by accident. God created you to serve in a particular way that nobody else would. You need to know that there is a gap that only you can fill.

No matter how twisted your past has been, where you came from, who you have become; there is a greater good that can only come from you because you are created in God’s image, and God is all about perfection ‘Our imperfections make us unique as surely as our strengths-Toni Sorenson’ Do not be hasty and rush to make a judgment or self-loath because you have a bright future ahead.

  1. Someone else needs you

In spite of how you feel about your life and the milestones, you have covered so far remember that you are meant to serve. You may not have taken the path that everyone thought you would or landed where you expected.

That setback is not in vain; someone else needed to witness it and learn from your misfortune. The same way we need a muse to stay focused or make us more productive.

We are also lessons for others to learn from and take a different path. You are a vessel, and God chooses how to use you. You have a significant role to play in other people’s lives.

  1. You are an expert

You may not be a professional with a corner office and a secretary, but you sure have that one distinct set of skills that you possess. A talent or learned skills that you are better at than most.

It might be painting, narrating, listening; there are people whose hearing is okay but are incapable of listening. We are all an expert at something; we cannot be the same. Do not undermine your skills; instead, figure out ways you can use them productively.

  1. You are responsible for your happiness

Happiness is relative; there will never be a standard gauge for happiness or misery. Do not let your situation dictate how you live. Some people live in abundance and are still miserable. That is a clear indication that material wealth does not necessarily guarantee happiness.

Pursue inner peace and the best way to do that is be content with who you are and that will transform to being satisfied with where you are and what you have achieved. Learn to live as per your means and set attainable goals. By doing so, you will always be happy with your life.

  1. Keep the right friends

It is commonly said that if you want to walk faster, walk alone but if you want to go further walk with others. Peers are the greatest danger to youth. The need to impress your friends leads to doing all the wrong things just so those friends can stick around.

You can obviously tell good friends from the bad ones. Unfortunately, you cannot just drop them. If your friends are not consistent, helping you grow then, they do not deserve you. The best way to part ways is to show them that you have a different agenda, which you are focused towards prosperity and eventually they may change their thinking and pursue growth with you.

If your friends do not change, they will slowly walk away, and there will be no bad blood. In the end, only the right friends will stick. Sometimes you must keep your circle small and the walls high to get where you desire.

  1. There is no limit to what you can do

Nobody can determine your self-worth except you and you are the only other person who can set limits to what you can or can’t do. Do not sell yourself short because you did not grow up in the posh side of town; you were born into a low-income family, you did not have a pony for a pet, you are not good in academics, etc.

Whatever excuse you have crafted to stop yourself from progressing in life will be your downfall. So what your childhood was not merry or your first business was not successful. Get up, dust off and look for new avenues. Invest in something else, do what makes you happy, go that extra mile that your parents did not reach, and do not be afraid to try new things.

The power to prosper lays in the faith you have in yourself. If you convince yourself that you are unable to get past a particular barrier, you will most definitely not get past that barrier. Your past was inevitable, but your future is your choice.

  1. There is power in positivity

There is no clear cut route to success, and there are no shortcuts. You will fail at some point. Maybe invest in a shady deal, fall prey to a scam, etc. There is always a bad deal, but the worst thing is pessimism. Negativity kills the willingness to pursue your, goals, dreams and passion.

Always stay positive; believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel. It not about how many times you fall or how hard you fall, what matters is how high you bounce back.

Know that at some point, something good will come out of your efforts regardless of how many times you failed in the past. No soldier goes to battle knowing the outcome; they just do their best and hope for a victory.

  1. Patience is key

Rome was not constructed in a day, it took years of planning, deliberation, corrections, and alterations and so is your success. You will do everything in your power and watch your efforts pay off gradually.

You won’t wake up one day a billionaire from nowhere; no magic bullet. You need to be patient as you work towards your goals. Appreciate every small thing you achieve because, in the long run, those little milestones are the big break we all want. And remember, being a youth is a golden opportunity to shine positively.

Ways To Get Over Your Useless College Degree

Throw Your Useless Degree

When is the right time to forget about your useless college degree? Is a piece of paper worth determining your life’s fate?

Every year globally, millions of degrees are received birthing a new phase of life to graduates & a ray of hope for their families.  However, years after, the once hopeful degree holder is still tarmacking from one office to another trusting for an opportunity.

Some give up along the way. Others settle for inexperienced jobs when the willingness, drive, and excitement to search a job wanes.

What are you supposed to do when the college degree lying in your drawer turns to be a pain in the ass?


Turn A Blind Eye To Your Useless College Degree Papers

Focusing on something different away from your college degree opens a highway of un-utilized opportunities on the other side.

Before finalizing the last year in college, the mind is packed with hopes and expectations of another life getting results from what you studied. You come out with the attitude of payback time.

Hopes are what keep people going by having faith about the next step in life. The problem is when those expectations never seem to materialize to anything as earlier anticipated.

Instead of sitting all day long cursing yourself for failing to foresee the change of events before, there are many things you can alternatively pay attention to, rather than letting stress eat you up.


Accept The Outcome and Move On

Self-denial is a friend you do not want to court, as he sticks tightly than a tick suckles its prey.

Yes, you have spent lots of time perusing books on your prospective career, but that failing to promise fruits is not the end of the world. Life is greener on the other side.

Admit the turn of events and start a new journey without your troubled degree. The earlier you shake off those big imaginations about a probable outcome on your college degree; saves you time and help you avoid procrastinating in regretting zone.


Find a Footing

Now that the dreams and longtime passion have kind of hit a snag refuse that gloomy pity face.

Here is making a shift from your coveted programming job to a painting one, as this will ease up things and assist in clearing bills. Taking a job regarded as for the uneducated does not lower your status. It reflects your maturity to see things beyond the degree.

Though the job maybe demeaning and with little pay, it keeps you active while you earn something.


Add Practical Skills

A man with skills is far much better than a highly educated accountant employed in a firm. That does not mean education is to be discouraged; it’s just that practical knowledge has the upper hand more than any other skill.

Acquiring practical skills is an added advantage to your degree even though it lies dormant, but at least it enhances your visibility more in the market. Above that, applied skills are highly sought for than any other expertise.


Invest in Your Strong Personalities

Your useless degree is now a piece of paper gathering dust, and it is the reason you are penniless. However, people with unique personalities that spice things up in the office excite employers to the core. Therefore, try to find out what is that you can sell to potential employers which your degree cannot.

Personality sell, the reason hiring managers, will go that extra mile to dig deeper until they find the right mine their company requires. In that case, paperwork plays a role when looking for a job, but there is something more you need to have to be attractive.

Join Freelancing Family

World over, becoming a freelancer online is the easiest way and also profitable when your energy & drive is focused. The most successful freelancers today do not have degrees, and they are better of than degree holders.

It is okay to have a degree and it is my prayer every young person acquires one. You may fail to secure a job with your degree, but utilize what you learned in various aspects of life.

The reason you should forget your precious useless college degree is that those without them are doing well freelancing. They are earning better than even Ph. D holders. Education does not translate to riches. Also, the college degree is not a gateway to riches/ jobs.

The education system has for years anchored peoples life on a piece of paper. How many young people give up for failing to secure their dream jobs? I know a number who have committed suicide when the college degree shut their dream.

Working online gives you the freedom to be your boss, at your pace, without anyone caring whether you have a useless college degree under a mattress or not. Were it not for online freelancing, lack of jobs would be a big issue worldwide. It is true joblessness is still an issue, but there are many viable ways to deal with that.

One is online freelancing, and the world should know. I guess you know now?


It is mind-boggling to change your mind from chasing a long time dream when its destiny seems bleak. Nevertheless, life challenges are inevitable which calls for action and shifting your mind from your useless college degree and focusing on new opportunities.





Ways to Boost Traffic Using Search Engine Optimization

Boosting traffic to your site needs the services of a professional Search Engine Optimization. The SEO has become a crucial and huge priority for marketers to get higher sales, leads, and conversions. Search engines have redefined the algorithms overtime to favor websites that produce high-quality content. Unlike in the past, where there were lots of search terms to web pages regardless of their relevance to the site.

Let us get onto the importance of having a good Search Engine Optimization.


Keywords are a fundamental principle for SEOs which tells search engines what your website is about. That is by including the header tags, description, and body in regards to relevance on your website. Keywords act as connectors between users and the high-quality pages they are looking for in sites. Keywords vary from long-tail to location-based keywords depending on what your site is about. Therefore, be careful when picking what works for you.

Long-tail keywords are more effective than the short tail keywords. They drive strong organic traffic to your website increasing chances of your site getting higher rankings. Location-based SEOs focus on your targeted market to your locality. Though with location-based Search Engine Optimization, there are few search volumes. They are specific and more intent. For example, you can include the keyword “homes in California,” this will increase your chances of being found by searchers in California.


Try to keep your website regularly up to date to keep it fresh instead of letting it sit unattended for days on end. Search engines are on the lookout for sites that are maintained and have a new feel to ensure quality content. However, you don’t have to update content on a regular to keep it fresh. Your website will still benefit by incorporating new material every once in a while.


Rankings on search engines will depend on the content websites produce. Search engines use algorithms to look at the material that is worth recommending to searchers, so it is crucial that you create content that is of high quality. To compel your clients to come for more and attract new prospects, you need to have quality content as your best asset. It is no wonder that websites that rank higher flood with loads of quality and unique content.

Having Internal Links      

If you have some of your other blogs or articles that are related then whenever possible, link these posts to boost your site. These links help in establishing a hierarchy for the site and assist searchers in navigating the website. For example, if you have brilliantly written an article or blog about jewelry, you can link it to an earlier post on hats.

Off-page signals

Your website will be ranking depending on the company you keep, and this is to mean, the domain names linking back to your site.  A website that is shared often on social media platforms and other websites stand a better chance of ranking highly on search engines. This is where Search Engine Optimization benefits come in.

Social Media

Nowadays, only a not serious business can ignore the power of social media. By incorporating it you can reap good benefits of Search Engine Optimization. Sharing your blog posts on social media can attract shares and links from external sites. The medicine for you having insane traffic coming your way is creating authoritative content packed with good information.

Social media is effective platforms for SEO. Therefore make it a habit of sharing your posts extensively, you never know the magic it can bring to your website.


If you want to immensely grow your business and create traffic to your website, then, it is essential that you invest in a good Search Engine Optimization to rank highly in the result pages (SERPS)



Why Every Newbie Freelancer Should Choose Siteground For Hosting

Siteground hosting tops all others

One of the best ways of attracting clients as a newbie is to launch a thrilling website. This means you’ll need to get a good web hosting account with a newbie friendly company such as siteground.

You see, for just a couple of bucks per month, you can showcase your amazing portfolios online and eventually build a high-value brand by leveraging on your website.

Now, I am talking about a flexible hosting company that can accommodate the well-known newbie’s special needs.

For instance:

  1. Chances are that you could be on a Budget

Unless you had made enough savings from a past job, beginners are typically on a tight budget.

 You, therefore, need a hosting which doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

  1. You Are Still Perfecting Your Art

Sure, you have awesome papers but there’s no denying that you’re not as skilled as some of the industry veterans.

This means you may not be ready as of yet to handle some of the complex design code or difficult installations that come with building your website from scratch. Instead, you can work with a hosting plan that comes with an easy WordPress installation.

  1. A Minimalist Option Isn’t Okay For Now

At this stage, getting your website up and running in the shortest time possible matters more than having dozens of super fancy features in.

So, provided its reliable, functional, and upgradeable – as you are also eyeing future growth- then you are perhaps good to go.

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What To Look For In a Web hosting Designed  For Newbie Freelancers

 So, how do you tell if a hosting company has the interests of a starter freelancer at heart?

  1. Good and very professional customer service


An awesome web hosting for starters should have a support team that can patiently handle some unending queries from you during the website building process.

As I had mentioned, but for a few exceptions, you’re doing this for the first time so you need someone to hold your hand all through and provide tutorials where necessary.

Additionally, the technical support team should be trained to solve your problems within no time.

  1. Excellent Performance


The company’s website hosting technologies should be characterized by an impeccable performance. 

To impress your prospects, you need a website with impressive loading speeds. It should also have a network architecture that supports balanced server utilization and redistribution to minimize downtime.

It should also fuse other technologies such as multiple databases which improve reliability.


  1. Affordable Pricing


An affordable hosting is, in our opinion, the way to go as you may be yet to attain your target earnings meaning you need to save every coin as of now.

A web company offering shared hosting is worth to consider since it’s typically the cheapest.

Such companies provide the best possible specifications for new hosting clients and superb services at the least price.

On the same note, a 30-day money back guarantee would not be a bad idea considering that you may want to first test the waters.

  1. Security

Security for your website is non-negotiable. Otherwise, the costs that may arise in the future if its breached can be staggering.

Lost clients, data privacy violations, and lost traffic are just a tip of the iceberg.

Your website hosting company must provide the latest encryption standard (SSL ), foolproof firewall rules, daily backups, and up-to-date security apps to prevent attacks.

  1. Hosting Flexibility

Whichever way you look at it, you will need a hosting company that’s flexible enough to allow you to upgrade in keeping up with your freelancing business growth.

Look for a host that permits you to add new apps, more server space, or bigger network capacity conveniently.

Why You Should Choose Siteground For Your Newbie Hosting Needs

Having looked at the basics, can we now see why siteground is considered one of the best hosting companies for newbies?

  1. You Can Upgrade Service on The Go

The company allows you to change to a new and better plan within no time. 

You can move from the startup plan- created for newcomers- to GrowBig (designed for growing websites) or GoGeek (for massive websites) in a couple of minutes.

You just log in to the user support area and select your preferred plan.

  1. Foolproof Security Systems

Startup hosting from siteground comes with all the necessary security features.    You get a free let‘s encrypt SSL, free auto daily backups, free Cloudflare CDN, and infallible firewall systems.

This setup makes it twice as hard for criminals to crash your website or to inject malware.

  1. Mind-blowing Support

Siteground’s support works with you 24/7 to lessen the pain that may come when you are doing this for the first time.

You can call or live chat any time while they respond to tickets within a maximum 10 minutes.

You also access the famous one-click installation of WordPress/Joomla, free dynamic templates, and design tutorials.

  1. Extraordinary Website Performance

Expect utmost performance as soon as your website goes live.

By using industry-leading standards and technologies, siteground delivers 99.9% site uptime, unlimited bandwidth, maximum loading speeds, and more.

In the meantime, you are in control so you can configure the settings to meet your needs.

  1. Affordable Pricing

It may not be the cheapest ever but Siteground’s shared hosting plan  is quite affordable compared with what you get.

For a few bucks per month, you will enjoy the fastest guided setup, 99.999% uptime, welcoming support, crazy speeds,  automated security backups, and more.

The StartUp plan actually supports more than 10,000 monthly visits without throttling whatsoever.

And in case of the almost improbable event that you are not happy with the service, the company is happy to refund your money within 30 days.



There are many so-called ‘newbie-friendly’ web hosting companies then there is siteground.

Unlike some of the rest, the company offers you critical 24/7 support as you launch your website, a dependable performance, pocket-friendly pricing, impenetrable security controls, and the freedom to switch plans depending on your needs.

You can, therefore, relax as you wait for new clients to come flooding right in!





Are You Suffering From Freelancing Fear? This Is How To Deal With It

Crossing over from 9 to 5 job to the online world is a freelancing fear many freelancers undergo during entry stage. For some, who never overcome the issue, it keeps protruding in cycles at certain turns.

Even after a series of truth showing freelancing has freedom & more benefits attached to it. Still, doubts keep dragging the new entrants. I faced the same fears at the beginning but was determined to make it work. You know what, it still works today, and online is my only source of income.

Where did you buy this fear?

Panic not over freelance fears

The source of freelancers fear is unknown. They cannot tell where it shoots from if they were to truthfully say it. Some have billion dollar idea how to become the next big thing within months, but still remain stuck with unexploited ideas for years working like a donkey.

Fear has killed smart people dreams who lacked the boldness to step out. How one stays in one job for 10 years while receiving peanuts that cannot buy your girlfriend a decent cappuccino and yet complaining over low pay is not understandable.

Joining the freelance world was the best choice I have ever made to date. My family may not understand it, friends cannot tell what is it I do behind the laptop all day in the house. However, one testimony they have about me is never borrowing, and always reaching out to pay the bills when hanging out.

Below are some of the fear holding you and something serious should be done to break the ceiling.

How To Get Continous Flow Of Income

I say 9 to 5 job breeds laziness and is not a friendly system to help improve your life. Not for all though but a more significant percentage joining freelance platform find it hard to maintain the upkeep. And the number one thing they struggle with is Laziness.

Beginning a new journey is faced with numerous hurdles which are evident if you are firsthand learning the ropes. However, fear should never hold you from becoming a professional you always desire. In fact, the way to gain more income flow is by staying focused and active.

The secret as a starter in the freelancing field is to equip yourself with all the necessary winning strategies to secure clients. Once you gain the prowess to get clients, it is a weapon enough to kick the freelancing fear at bay.

Secondly, learn when to keep the chasing on & off. For instance, if you get some clients and working for them. You can concentrate first to deliver the projects as agreed to offer quality work in the end and timely submission.

Thirdly, timing when the projects are about to dwindle is essential. It prepares you to get your freelancing hook again to gather more projects, and in that order, you’ll never fear about income flow going dry.


You know, every time I hear newbies giving excuses for being rejected I can’t help but laugh. I don’t mean to be rude, but I have never met a successful freelancer without a heap of rejection story to describe. It is part of achievement you will never find it in a portfolio.

To be sincere, I lost count how many time I have been rejected, but never looked back. It is painful to be turned off by clients when you are 100% sure the pitch & bids you sent were a great hit. Never stop when a client passes you, but press the next button and who knows what luck awaits you there.

For me, during the phase of rejection is when I gained freelancing muscles to push and polish my career. I will tell you the same. Cherish that rejection moment and let it not be the freelancing fear to kill your dream. The secret to fighting any fear is facing it squarely spirited to the end.

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Job Security

I feel for those who sit too long on the fence undecided whether freelancing can help them earn a decent life. The only thing that keeps many people out there to do the job they don’t love is job security lie.

I have seen employees who have lost their jobs due to accidents, laid off when companies go bankrupt, and the list goes on. The only thing holding them is fear of the uncertainty. The Freelancing fear solution can happen in the freelancing field, not unrealistic imaginations you hear lazy people say out there.

For those who joined online freelance only later to go back to the old system 9 to 5 jobs. I see that as a serious backslide for those who fear challenges and would better stay struggling in a joint they are familiar & comfortable.

I sometimes hurt for them, when I remember how I vowed never to get back to a system that enslaved my body & mind together. Freelancing world is the easiest platform that you can work your way up and build an empire where you report to no one.

It is a system that I have witnessed emancipation of poverty happen to people who were hopeless. I am a living testimony, and it is my wish you learn this early.

When freelancing you keep improving yourself and building profitable ventures while being employed you improve your boss. Moreover, you stay focused on impressing your employer for fear of losing the job. This is 2018 where working smart is for the transformed people. Are you one of them?

What If’s

What if this does happen to me?

What if I fail to realize my freelancing dreams?

What if all my savings are depleted trying to secure jobs online?

What if online freelancing is not my thing?

What if I fail like my friends have?

Do you find yourself in freelancing fear of “what if’s?” The query has cost many people dreams because they are reluctant to crossover fearing something terrible might happen. They are afraid to take risks. The successful freelancers you see or hear were not superhumans who had extra guts to join online freelancing. No, they just made up their mind and off they started.

Where are they today? They are the one telling the stories and are lucky never looked back. So, what is your excuse? What if?… Why not ask yourself

What if I start today?

What if I shut the fear?

What if I follow freelancers A, B, & C strategies?

What if I am the next big thing?

At least you should have faith in whatever you do. Doubts kill, they make you lesser, they render you powerless/useless because you see yourself unfit to achieve.

I can today tell you the most successful freelancers were just ordinary people who had no pedigree. Today, they are the most influential people on the web. TheWhat if” query is one of freelancing fear keeping you from success.

How To Conquer Freelancing Fear

First, you have to accept what you are not familiar with in the beginning has some level of intimidation. Secondly, you are not the first to do it. Others have passed through the same path & those who were bold enough succeeded. 

Thirdly, trying does not kill you & giving up is not an option. 

I am telling you no one in the world is a hero and has never faced fear head on. Oprah, Obama, Bill Gates, Kiwosaki, Neil Patel, Putin, and the list is endless. Fear spares no one, but how you react to it determines the direction you are heading the moment you take the next step. 

The names I have mentioned are famous figures you can relate in one way or another. In freelancing world, I can give you instances of things that hold many freelancers from experiencing success. If you don’t face fear and slowly keep fighting it, you will end up a failure.

If I never stood up for my freelance fear when I switched from day job to full-time online freelancer, I would still be sulking in my old job cursing and taking meager earning at home.


The wall between you and success is “freelancing fear” and probably only a constant hit to see the other side is required. Maybe, the wall is thin such that a single push gets you breakthrough. 

Having defeated freelancing fears does not mean I conquered all. There are many others I am fighting like standing in front of cameras. A couple of months back, I was invited for a TV interview and a day before could not sleep at the imagination of the cameras pointing at me and what I was to say. 

You know what? I went ahead and after a total stranger asked me to train them how to speak boldly. To me, that was new, since it was my first TV interview ever. Back to you, what kind of freelancing fear are you fighting? Please share to help others experiencing the same as you.



ContentMart Shutdown: How Does It Affect Freelancers?

Content Mart end the business

The famousWorld great depressionstill lingers in many people’s mind even if they never experienced the economy pain back then, well, ContentMart shutdown is no much different.

In 1929, the economy shape took a sharp dive. The repercussion of the economic failure later would affect families, jobs, deflation, many became homeless and some situations were permanent damage that could not be reversed.

The number of businesses that once were shining only later to stumble is a recurring happening over the years. What can you learn as a freelancer? No one thought ContentMart shutdown would someday be real, especially for those freelancers & clients who solely trusted the platform.

A couple of years back, Motorola, Microsoft, Kodak, Sony, Yahoo and many others were the business of the moment. Today, you rarely hear their mention, even after many trials to stay relevant. Of course, there are the likes of Apple that stumbled and later made it to the top. Just recently the company made a historic $1 trillion dollar market cap.

Now, the big question would be, what can you do as a freelancer to maintain success? Some studies have put it that, out of 10 businesses that start, only 3 make it through past 10 years. Does it mean ContentMart was among the statistics of the 7 that fail?

How ContentMart Shutdown Is  A Wake Up Call To Freelancers & Freelancing World

Shock for contentmart closing for good

ContentMart was started by Anton Rublevskyy in August 29th, 2015. Since the operation, the company absorbed quick momentum to register thousands of clients and freelancers.

It has been a promising platform vouched for by the big sites on the net that saw the potential of the business. One Harsh Agrawal of Shoutmeloud did a thorough post highlighting benefits of hiring & being a freelancer of ContentMart.

So, you can see ContentMart shutdown is a let down to many people that loved the site professionalism. However, below I have created a list that should prepare you early of such unexpected news.

Let ContentMart Shutdown Be A Thrive Turn For You

Whether you used ContentMart platform or not, it should teach you how to shape your freelancing business.

Probably, the site was your biggest source of income and now you’ll have to start from zero. First, create your freelancing business with a solid foundation. No one should tell you about the power of “to do list”

The most successful entrepreneur’s in the world adopt a habit of proper planning by highlighting the steps they plan to accomplish ahead of the journey. Your plan may look stupid at first, but as you learn to deal with one item at a time may help you accomplish your dreams sooner than later.

You can thrive in trouble when you have a plan. This is only possible if you create a mechanism to deal with dangerous times.

Never Put Your Eggs In One Basket

If you have your focus on a single source of income, well, that is suicidal to your freelancing career. With multiple options available on the web, I don’t see any reason why a freelancer should not think outside the box.

Okay, probably you have every reason to invest your time and money on a preferred content mill. If ContentMart surprise shutdown does not scare your career choice as a freelancer then you can only be likened to a warthog. It suffers from short memory loss. Warthogs run from their predators and instantly forget they are being chased, along the way they start feeding only after the predator appears it reminds them of an earlier looming danger and resumes back to “run for their lives.

It is the worst scenario for a freelancer to find themselves in. Nowadays, the web provides you with numerous opportunities to spread your investment wisely.


If you are that kind of freelancer obsessed with the idea of focusing on certain clients in one platform, probably now it is the time to reconsider your stand.

Diversifying is a smarter approach that can help your pockets to remain loaded throughout the season. Freelancers who have embraced the art of diversifying are not caught off-guard by ContentMart Shutdown situations.

Working with various clients from different platforms, keeps your income flow assured even if some discontinued their services with you.

Another effective freelancing approach for those who diversify is to add more skills. If you are a copywriter specialist, you can add skills such as video script, autoresponders, & sales copies to help you diversify your freelancing career.

You are able to reach more clients from different fields and any platform shutting down like ContentMart would not affect your business in any way.

Start Your Own Blog

It is almost impossible to be trusted as an authority without a website/blog today. The fact that you can earn money and win clients without a blog, it leaves you out when a big portion of a cake is shared.

For one, owning a blog markets you in your area of expertise to relevant clients. Secondly, you easily win clients without panicking whether your the bids you have placed in the content mills will go through or not. Thirdly, your blog is a source of income through adverts, affiliate marketing, & blogging.

With a blog, whether ContentMart shutdown happens or clients lock you out of projects, you are assured of a platform to close deals. Your blog is your business, earning source, marketing platform, and you are the CEO.

Freelancers with a blog are the smart ones who no longer chase after clients from every corner. Instead, they are professionals who freelancing to them is an extra source of income.

From experience, I did some test where I would pitch and include my personal site while others I did not. You know what I learned? When I included my blog, I had a positive response compared to those without my site link. And the hiring rate was approximately 70%.

What’s Next For You

If you have been a victim of ContentMart Shutdown, all is not lost. A mail that was sent by the company alerting both freelancers and clients at least ended in a sigh of relief.

ContentMart Team

“We are proud of the ease we brought by uniting content buyers with the content writers, but even more so, we are grateful for each one of you who helped us grow.

This doesn’t mean that the idea behind Contentmart is gone forever. We allow the writers and clients to exchange contact if they wish to continue trading offline.”


What happened whether you are a freelancer or a client makes you learn that even the mighty corporation you see today might someday shut down. You just have to move on and build something to keep you prepared when uncertainties strike.

Final Word

If you are entering in the freelancing industry learn from the ContentMart shutdown realization. If you were affected directly, sorry, just make a career turnaround and create smart strategies to help your future hold. And if you are suffering a second let down, wake up, dust yourself & decide whether this is something you’d like to see happen to you again.

It is sad when things we believe in reach a time and crumble. However, it is a good idea if you learn a lesson with others and make the necessary steps to avoid such shifting in your life.

Do you have a story you can share with us, how something bad happened in your freelancing journey, and how did you make a turnaround? Let’s share and help somebody.