How To Evade Keyword Stuffing Hatred From Search Engines

The search engine considers Keyword Stuffing as the greatest evil to commit, for any sober website (owner) to engage in. It is not pleasant when the Google whip come whacking those straying out of the rail.

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On the other hand, it is not a good news for you if you know this or you just heard of it right now. The motive behind using too much of it is to boost your ranking by pitchforking yourself on top of SERP.

The big question to ask yourself.

  1. What is your site for?
  2. Who is it targeting?
  3. Is it friendly to users?
  4. Does it solve any problem to any user/ stray onliners?

Because most of those sites caught in the act are either from a total newbie with no idea ‘what they are doing’ or individuals wanting to make a kill the easy way. Lastly, but not the least, ignorance.

Let Us Explain Keyword Stuffing & How To Use Your Site For Real People

explaind keyword stuffing, illegal keyword stuffing

By definition, this is a method of incorporating keyword in the content too many times and therefore, making it lose relevancy.

Content creation is about being relevant, clarity, providing of specific information, and providing a solution to the users in a normal way.

For instance: if you say, ” Carrot soup was in the soup carrot and the tray holding the carrot soup did not match with the white soup carrot basin”

One, the sentence does not make sense, but the intent of the one twisting it is to cheat the search engine act in the favor of the content.

Secondly, if you staggered to such a content, it would be of no use to you.

Thirdly, it lacks clarity of the message and relevancy, which is a big X in the eyes of Google.

So, let us now unfold the right procedure to do it and stay a distance from the whip.

Do Research First

Never, wake up to write an idea immediately it strikes you

When you have an idea of the content to write, sit down, figure it out, plan how to execute that ‘idea’ inside the content, keyword research act as a pillar of your work.

Once you have identified the keyword and its marketability to you, then proceed to utilize it.

Note: Always, research for a keyword that is marketable to you because the more it is searched, the more it will expose your site.

So, never use random words as they flow from your head. Create time to thoroughly ask if the keyword you are about to use is beneficial? Will it flow well with the rest of the content? And finally, check the exact areas you plan to place that keyword.

Balance The Use Of Both Primary And Secondary Keyword

Now that you have your keyword, it is time to use it wisely in the content as you check keyword stuffing step by step.

Let us figure out what is primary keyword and secondary keyword

Primary Keyword: This is the 1st Key-Word that appears on your title

For instance – “Teenage Shirts” This is your main keyword and maybe your title reads like this “Best 2018 Teenage Shirts Ideas” So you see the keyword is incorporated into your title.

Secondary Keyword: This is the 2nd Key-Word that appears in your content and it supports the main keyword.

For instance – “Cool Teenage Shirts” or “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shirts”

There you have an idea of the primary and secondary keyword. The second step to take is identifying areas to place them.

For primary keyword, let it appear in the title-first paragraph-last paragraph in that order. For good SEO it should appear 3 times in your content.

For Secondary Keyword, it should appear in your H2 title and 3 to 4 times spread in the content.

When you are able to spread your keyword like that naturally marrying normally with your content, then you are in good books of Search Engine and user interaction is superb.

Just make sure not to pay much attention on the ‘keyword’ and forget the flow of your content and relevancy.

Write Quality Content

Let this not be a reminder, whenever you are producing content, do it for human and not search engines.

Make your content readable, informational, clear, have good flow, well explaining, and with that, you can hardly tell where keywords are placed, since the intermarriage is professionally done.

It’s obvious you want to rank high on google pages, that is true, when applying SEO techniques in the right way though. Concentrate on quality, and good content is the King of everything.

It is your content that will make people to flock on your website, and take time-consuming your well-informed work and not the “played SEO”

When you do that, you will have not encounter keyword stuffing problem hang around you anymore.

Wear the shoes of your readers and just ask yourself if what they see will make them better or more productive after they absorb the content.

Expand Your Word Count

If you are writing 500 words post, you will be challenged on how to place your keyword. Therefore, the best method is to enlarge your post to let’s say, 1000 and SEO will be healthy, spread evenly without any appearance of  keyword stuffing.

One thing, your message will be clear, and you will place your keywords naturally. Remember, readers want value in your posts, and it is two-way traffic. Give and take is the rule of the thumb.

You must have heard the proverbial saying “What you sow is what you reap” If you sow unworthy content, no reader will give your site a second glance. And the vice versa is true.

Why because even in the discipline of Keyword usage, what matters most is how the content is driving the user when they find it.

In future, this is will be the focus of search engines and you better start shaping your site depending on what the audience are yearning for. Gone are the days when techniques used to matter.

Nowadays, it’s all about what you are giving your readers, because Google cares for those readers.

What method are you using? Let’s share.


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Darleen Prangue
6 years ago

Hi, thanks for sharing this nice piece of content. After reading your article I got to know many things and cleared many confusions.
Darleen Prangue

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