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Learn virtual assistant and defeat broke status

My Boss Fired Me…

Guess what followed? I became broke after a couple of months, but meant good things for me. 

It is through the dry spell of my pockets and search for jobs that I stumbled on “Virtual Assistant” 

There is no glory in being broke. 

You should never allow your pockets to stay penniless.

You have an option to load yourself with VA skills

Skills that can give you lifetime freedom from 9 to 5 system……

All my friends stopped picking my calls.

Now that I #Boss myself around, old friends are coming back.

And want to learn my success secrets. 

If you are looking for freedom, this is the place to be! 

Secure Your Future Today by Learning This Modern Career!

Aged Virtual Assistant

When Covid came, my company was hit hard and half of the employees were sent home permanently. 

I was part of the group that was laid off. 

Seeing that letter, my eyes could hold tears back. I could feel my legs were shaking because the job meant everything to me. 

You can imagine being a single mother aged 58 is a real shocker. 

I had piles of bills and fees to pay for my children. 

While in the midst of all this confusion, a friend referred me to Virtual Assistant Group on Facebook.

What I saw amazed me to date. I thought working online was a fairtale. 

But due to life pressure, I had to try the Virtual Assistant thing. 

 I used to digest information quickly because things were not working for me. And in my 3rd week of trial and error, I got booked to 3 clients, luckily I had admin background from my previous Company.  

I thank you Duncan for starting VAS community that changed my entire life at my advanced age. 

Today, I am a stay at home Mom and driving my life and family to the next level. 

I have achieved a lot in few months something my Company could not give within 2 years.


Who Can Become A Virtual Assistant? 

Virtual Assistant with a day job

Those With a Day Job

Virtual Assistant is a flexible career and you can effortlessly manage clients while still engaged in your day job. You only need to make sure you balance your working hours without interfering with quality.

Virtual Assistant Moms and Dads

Stay @ Home Moms/ Dads

Virtual Assistant is a career giving stay at home Moms and Dads a relieve to work at the comfort of their home. You can earn $$$ while nursing your little ones without any hassle. So, you don't have to limit yourself to 8 to 5 system. Technology is evolving and so is virtual assistant.

virtual assistant student


Do you know why VA is the modern career? It doesn't limit you in any way to engage in other activities while helping clients with various tasks. You can automate most of the processes without having to be actively working throughout.

You are not here by mistake! This is the place to build your virtual assistant journey

I value your presence and I guarantee you not to waste even a single minute of your time. 

My mission is to see you start the virtual assistant journey whatever phase you’re until you succeed. 

Where there is a will, there is a way. Be assured, I will show you the way. 

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