How to Make $1000 Per Month Blogging in Australia

With the rise of online businesses and the advancement of information technology, countless opportunities make it possible to make $100 per month blogging. You may wonder where to start if, indeed, that is even possible. 

A recent study done by Problogger reveals that less than 10% of bloggers make $1000 or more from their blogs, while a paltry 4% earn more than $10000.

There are no guarantees, but with commitment, determination, and a positive attitude, it is possible to start a successful blog and start earning $1000 per month.

There are several factors to consider, but the first quality you should have is patience since blogging will not get you out of debt overnight.

 Developing content for your blog takes time, with lots of research needed. You may require to spend a lot of time on the blog to refine and polish it. 

You must indicate your goals and how to achieve them by writing them down so that every time you are tempted to give up, those goals will be your inspiration. 

Having a well-defined structure and vision will help you achieve your goals faster. 

You must set goals and be realistic about them to avoid discouragement once the going gets tough. Research widely and learn from other bloggers who are making it.

 Additionally, the best way to move your blog in the right direction is to use a planner strategically. 

As a blogger, you must learn to utilize your time and discipline yourself from distractions, specifically since working from home. 

Learning to say no to interferences from friends wanting to chat, browsing on social platforms, children needing attention, or the inability to plan your time will help you be successful.

With a planner, you can organize your time wisely to help you arrange every aspect of your blog, have focus, meet deadlines and strive to achieve your goals. 

A good planner should have a template that consists of 

  • Comment section to help you take stock of visitor’ remarks and recommendations,
  • Commission rates – track and record the amount you make  
  • Blank calendar to remind you of upcoming events and track your monthly activities 
  • Track traffic on your blog to identify which articles help drive traffic 
  • A breakdown of monthly goals with specific deadlines and how to achieve them
  • A detailed daily list of activities and how to achieve them, prioritizing the most important activities,
  • Tracking your email newsletters from delivery, opens, clicks and conversions. 
  • Keep records of post ideas, quickly scribbling them down before you forget
  • Analyze your SEO and analytics 

How can you make $100 per month blogging?

The truth is, making money blogging depends on your commitment and the monetization methods you choose. Some ways are also more comfortable and faster, while other income streams require more time and effort.

With various monetization options, it would be wise to have more than one method to diversify your revenue streams. That way, if misfortune comes knocking and one income drops, you still have alternatives.

However, it is advisable to concentrate and master one or two in the beginning before moving to other options. The monetization options you choose will largely depend on your target audience and specific blog topic. 

Bearing that in mind, let us explore some of the best and common ways that can help you make $1000 per month blogging.

Offering services 

Structure your blog so that it also doubles up as your portfolio when pitching clients. 

You can utilize your skills and expertise working for others while developing other income streams. Some services you may offer as an upcoming blogger include:

Online marketing 

Blogging is not just about writing and publishing articles. It comes with other additional skills you must develop, such as social media management, design, SEO, content writing, and customer engagement. 

The majority of these additional abilities are a requirement for a digital marketer. If you are experiencing challenges earning from your blog, consider reaching out to other businesses and offer to develop their Facebook campaigns or develop their social media marketing strategy. 

Within no time, you will begin making money, and the beauty about it is that you have multiple clients working from home.

To maintain focus, set goals, and make a $1k challenge by utilizing your time well, making sure to offer excellent services. 

Virtual assistant 

Virtual assistants are high in demand for companies in Australia as they assist with administrative tasks that enable businesses to operate more efficiently.

Evaluate your skills and package them professionally to potential customers. For instance, if you have experience in design, one of your services could be to make logos and brochures for organizations. 

Content writing 

Practically every business has a website that needs content, and since you are writing for your website, you might as well get paid writing for others.

Article writing is a superb way to improve your writing skills and build authority when writing for blogs in your niche. 

Besides, don’t assume that working as a freelancer is synonymous with poor pay. Many freelance writers in Australia make $10,000 blogging. 


Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing entails earning a commission for promoting another organization’s products and services.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways to make money blogging in Australia today since there are many products and services to choose from.


If you opt to work with a company directly, you may earn higher commissions, but the amount you earn will largely depend on the product’s cost.

The objective of affiliate marketing is to always create valuable information for the user and include links to products and services after verifying their quality and benefit. 

It would be wise to promote products you have personally used and attest to their quality. 



Online products 

Instead of selling other people’s products, you can create your own and sell directly to your readers. 


You can package your skills and expertise in the form of an e-book to impart knowledge on a subject or create a workbook that offers guidance to your readers, leading them through the process. 

Workbooks and e-books are an excellent place to begin as they are fairly easy to develop and execute. 

Online courses 

You can make a lot of money blogging in Australia with an online course. However, creating an online course is not easy and requires a lot of time to create the course content and topics. 

Nonetheless, they are a profitable way to make money blogging as it is a flexible way to gain knowledge. 

Membership sites 

A membership site is a paid online community where subscribers pay a monthly fee to access premium content such as workbooks, printable content, regular classes, video lessons, tutorials, or premium information.

There are a variety of questions you may be asking. 

How much do bloggers make? 

If the number of people in Australia working from home is anything to go by, then you can indeed make $1000 blogging. 

How much do bloggers make per 1000 views?

If you have more than 100,000 page views on your blog, you could earn approximately $3,500 monthly from full-time blogging. 

It is not impossible to make between $0.02 and $0.10 per page view in various blogging niches dealing with affiliate or display ads.

Suppose you get 1,000 page views every month. You can make between $10 and $100 monthly. Consequently, if you get an average of 100,000 page views every month, it is possible to make between $1,000 and $10,000 from blogging.

You must consistently create valuable content for people to start following you. Your valuable content will start getting ranked in search engines like Google and, in turn, generate traffic for your blog. 

How much do bloggers make per blog?

The amount paid per blog will essentially depend on your audience’s size and the level of engagement the audience has with the content.

For instance, you may have 10,000 visitors to your blog, but your earnings will not be high if they don’t comment or leave a remark. You can make approximately $100 or more from a sponsored post.




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