Are You Suffering From Freelancing Fear? This Is How To Deal With It

Crossing over from 9 to 5 job to the online world is a freelancing fear many freelancers undergo during entry stage. For some, who never overcome the issue, it keeps protruding in cycles at certain turns.

Even after a series of truth showing freelancing has freedom & more benefits attached to it. Still, doubts keep dragging the new entrants. I faced the same fears at the beginning but was determined to make it work. You know what, it still works today, and online is my only source of income.

Where did you buy this fear?

Panic not over freelance fears

The source of freelancers fear is unknown. They cannot tell where it shoots from if they were to truthfully say it. Some have billion dollar idea how to become the next big thing within months, but still remain stuck with unexploited ideas for years working like a donkey.

Fear has killed smart people dreams who lacked the boldness to step out. How one stays in one job for 10 years while receiving peanuts that cannot buy your girlfriend a decent cappuccino and yet complaining over low pay is not understandable.

Joining the freelance world was the best choice I have ever made to date. My family may not understand it, friends cannot tell what is it I do behind the laptop all day in the house. However, one testimony they have about me is never borrowing, and always reaching out to pay the bills when hanging out.

Below are some of the fear holding you and something serious should be done to break the ceiling.

How To Get Continous Flow Of Income

I say 9 to 5 job breeds laziness and is not a friendly system to help improve your life. Not for all though but a more significant percentage joining freelance platform find it hard to maintain the upkeep. And the number one thing they struggle with is Laziness.

Beginning a new journey is faced with numerous hurdles which are evident if you are firsthand learning the ropes. However, fear should never hold you from becoming a professional you always desire. In fact, the way to gain more income flow is by staying focused and active.

The secret as a starter in the freelancing field is to equip yourself with all the necessary winning strategies to secure clients. Once you gain the prowess to get clients, it is a weapon enough to kick the freelancing fear at bay.

Secondly, learn when to keep the chasing on & off. For instance, if you get some clients and working for them. You can concentrate first to deliver the projects as agreed to offer quality work in the end and timely submission.

Thirdly, timing when the projects are about to dwindle is essential. It prepares you to get your freelancing hook again to gather more projects, and in that order, you’ll never fear about income flow going dry.


You know, every time I hear newbies giving excuses for being rejected I can’t help but laugh. I don’t mean to be rude, but I have never met a successful freelancer without a heap of rejection story to describe. It is part of achievement you will never find it in a portfolio.

To be sincere, I lost count how many time I have been rejected, but never looked back. It is painful to be turned off by clients when you are 100% sure the pitch & bids you sent were a great hit. Never stop when a client passes you, but press the next button and who knows what luck awaits you there.

For me, during the phase of rejection is when I gained freelancing muscles to push and polish my career. I will tell you the same. Cherish that rejection moment and let it not be the freelancing fear to kill your dream. The secret to fighting any fear is facing it squarely spirited to the end.

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Job Security

I feel for those who sit too long on the fence undecided whether freelancing can help them earn a decent life. The only thing that keeps many people out there to do the job they don’t love is job security lie.

I have seen employees who have lost their jobs due to accidents, laid off when companies go bankrupt, and the list goes on. The only thing holding them is fear of the uncertainty. The Freelancing fear solution can happen in the freelancing field, not unrealistic imaginations you hear lazy people say out there.

For those who joined online freelance only later to go back to the old system 9 to 5 jobs. I see that as a serious backslide for those who fear challenges and would better stay struggling in a joint they are familiar & comfortable.

I sometimes hurt for them, when I remember how I vowed never to get back to a system that enslaved my body & mind together. Freelancing world is the easiest platform that you can work your way up and build an empire where you report to no one.

It is a system that I have witnessed emancipation of poverty happen to people who were hopeless. I am a living testimony, and it is my wish you learn this early.

When freelancing you keep improving yourself and building profitable ventures while being employed you improve your boss. Moreover, you stay focused on impressing your employer for fear of losing the job. This is 2018 where working smart is for the transformed people. Are you one of them?

What If’s

What if this does happen to me?

What if I fail to realize my freelancing dreams?

What if all my savings are depleted trying to secure jobs online?

What if online freelancing is not my thing?

What if I fail like my friends have?

Do you find yourself in freelancing fear of “what if’s?” The query has cost many people dreams because they are reluctant to crossover fearing something terrible might happen. They are afraid to take risks. The successful freelancers you see or hear were not superhumans who had extra guts to join online freelancing. No, they just made up their mind and off they started.

Where are they today? They are the one telling the stories and are lucky never looked back. So, what is your excuse? What if?… Why not ask yourself

What if I start today?

What if I shut the fear?

What if I follow freelancers A, B, & C strategies?

What if I am the next big thing?

At least you should have faith in whatever you do. Doubts kill, they make you lesser, they render you powerless/useless because you see yourself unfit to achieve.

I can today tell you the most successful freelancers were just ordinary people who had no pedigree. Today, they are the most influential people on the web. TheWhat if” query is one of freelancing fear keeping you from success.

How To Conquer Freelancing Fear

First, you have to accept what you are not familiar with in the beginning has some level of intimidation. Secondly, you are not the first to do it. Others have passed through the same path & those who were bold enough succeeded. 

Thirdly, trying does not kill you & giving up is not an option. 

I am telling you no one in the world is a hero and has never faced fear head on. Oprah, Obama, Bill Gates, Kiwosaki, Neil Patel, Putin, and the list is endless. Fear spares no one, but how you react to it determines the direction you are heading the moment you take the next step. 

The names I have mentioned are famous figures you can relate in one way or another. In freelancing world, I can give you instances of things that hold many freelancers from experiencing success. If you don’t face fear and slowly keep fighting it, you will end up a failure.

If I never stood up for my freelance fear when I switched from day job to full-time online freelancer, I would still be sulking in my old job cursing and taking meager earning at home.


The wall between you and success is “freelancing fear” and probably only a constant hit to see the other side is required. Maybe, the wall is thin such that a single push gets you breakthrough. 

Having defeated freelancing fears does not mean I conquered all. There are many others I am fighting like standing in front of cameras. A couple of months back, I was invited for a TV interview and a day before could not sleep at the imagination of the cameras pointing at me and what I was to say. 

You know what? I went ahead and after a total stranger asked me to train them how to speak boldly. To me, that was new, since it was my first TV interview ever. Back to you, what kind of freelancing fear are you fighting? Please share to help others experiencing the same as you.



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