Ways To Get Over Your Useless College Degree

When is the right time to forget about your useless college degree? Is a piece of paper worth determining your life’s fate?

Every year globally, millions of degrees are received birthing a new phase of life to graduates & a ray of hope for their families.  However, years after, the once hopeful degree holder is still tarmacking from one office to another trusting for an opportunity.

Some give up along the way. Others settle for inexperienced jobs when the willingness, drive, and excitement to search a job wanes.

What are you supposed to do when the college degree lying in your drawer turns to be a pain in the ass?


Turn A Blind Eye To Your Useless College Degree Papers

Focusing on something different away from your college degree opens a highway of un-utilized opportunities on the other side.

Before finalizing the last year in college, the mind is packed with hopes and expectations of another life getting results from what you studied. You come out with the attitude of payback time.

Hopes are what keep people going by having faith about the next step in life. The problem is when those expectations never seem to materialize to anything as earlier anticipated.

Instead of sitting all day long cursing yourself for failing to foresee the change of events before, there are many things you can alternatively pay attention to, rather than letting stress eat you up.


Accept The Outcome and Move On

Self-denial is a friend you do not want to court, as he sticks tightly than a tick suckles its prey.

Yes, you have spent lots of time perusing books on your prospective career, but that failing to promise fruits is not the end of the world. Life is greener on the other side.

Admit the turn of events and start a new journey without your troubled degree. The earlier you shake off those big imaginations about a probable outcome on your college degree; saves you time and help you avoid procrastinating in regretting zone.


Find a Footing

Now that the dreams and longtime passion have kind of hit a snag refuse that gloomy pity face.

Here is making a shift from your coveted programming job to a painting one, as this will ease up things and assist in clearing bills. Taking a job regarded as for the uneducated does not lower your status. It reflects your maturity to see things beyond the degree.

Though the job maybe demeaning and with little pay, it keeps you active while you earn something.


Add Practical Skills

A man with skills is far much better than a highly educated accountant employed in a firm. That does not mean education is to be discouraged; it’s just that practical knowledge has the upper hand more than any other skill.

Acquiring practical skills is an added advantage to your degree even though it lies dormant, but at least it enhances your visibility more in the market. Above that, applied skills are highly sought for than any other expertise.


Invest in Your Strong Personalities

Your useless degree is now a piece of paper gathering dust, and it is the reason you are penniless. However, people with unique personalities that spice things up in the office excite employers to the core. Therefore, try to find out what is that you can sell to potential employers which your degree cannot.

Personality sell, the reason hiring managers, will go that extra mile to dig deeper until they find the right mine their company requires. In that case, paperwork plays a role when looking for a job, but there is something more you need to have to be attractive.

Join Freelancing Family

World over, becoming a freelancer online is the easiest way and also profitable when your energy & drive is focused. The most successful freelancers today do not have degrees, and they are better of than degree holders.

It is okay to have a degree and it is my prayer every young person acquires one. You may fail to secure a job with your degree, but utilize what you learned in various aspects of life.

The reason you should forget your precious useless college degree is that those without them are doing well freelancing. They are earning better than even Ph. D holders. Education does not translate to riches. Also, the college degree is not a gateway to riches/ jobs.

The education system has for years anchored peoples life on a piece of paper. How many young people give up for failing to secure their dream jobs? I know a number who have committed suicide when the college degree shut their dream.

Working online gives you the freedom to be your boss, at your pace, without anyone caring whether you have a useless college degree under a mattress or not. Were it not for online freelancing, lack of jobs would be a big issue worldwide. It is true joblessness is still an issue, but there are many viable ways to deal with that.

One is online freelancing, and the world should know. I guess you know now?


It is mind-boggling to change your mind from chasing a long time dream when its destiny seems bleak. Nevertheless, life challenges are inevitable which calls for action and shifting your mind from your useless college degree and focusing on new opportunities.





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