How Focused Content Crown You To The Realm Of Kings & Queens

Obtaining quality content is one thing and having a focused content is another thing and completely two different terms.

When you are set and you want to write, of course, a good quality piece, is a good thing, but if that content lacks focus it is all in vain.

In your content creation, you have to first put in mind the needs of your audience or people on the receiving end of your work.

Before you do that, always ask yourself.

Does the content I am providing contain all the elements necessary to give the reader enough nutrients to understand?

Is my work with a focused content that drives my readers somewhere?

Yes, my work is good quality, good grammar, no plagiarism, clear structure, and meet all the proper writing formation. But does it augur the reader to do anything?
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Use Of Focused Content Will Pave Doors For You

Focused content

For a dart player, knows the important requirement in the game is to target the missiles keenly and aim at the bull’s eye.

That is a focused dart game. Doing the opposite will earn you no point. It doesn’t matter how swift you are at throwing your missiles at the dart board, if you miss hitting the ‘bull’s eye’ then that would be regarded as participation.

The goal is to achieve the game points and that makes you a winner.

Simply by playing by the rules of the game, which is to target the bull’s eye, period.

If you are starting your career as a freelancer, getting these tips early and accumulating them in your blood system will see you reach mountains tops of Kings and Queens of the top blogs in the world.

Since you are here and probably wondering what is it that you are doing wrong, then you need to study the intent of audience who savor the content of the rulers in this writing industry.

Climb The Ladder The Easy Way

Very rarely will you hear stories from advanced freelancers to have knocked top sites doors once and ‘voila’ everything went well for them without any sweat or tough hours drafting a strategy to do that?

Now, the most probable thing majority of them failed and continue to fall into the same trap, again and again, is the failure to do extensive research.

Ask yourself questions, as to why they fail and how you can easily slither your way up without much hassle.

The focal point lies in producing good, quality content, and drawing the readers to a certain attention where there is a ‘happening’.

The Internet is full of stories of how you have to gather enough quality tactics to build an appealing content.

This is wrong, and I am sure whether you are planning to do a guest post or a cold pitch, the importance is to explain your idea of how you plan to take the audience to a tour they have never had before.

80% of all freelancers planning to get a slot on those big platforms whether they have successfully had their pitch accepted or not, one thing is they were confident that they can produce quality work.

Until the opposite happens. If you are planning to do so, get out of the %centage.

Lack of Clear Emphasis On Your Content

On the other side of the coin, you have closed all the loopholes that seem to threaten your chance to hit the top spot.

You have also identified steps you shall take to prove your content is focused.

And in there, you lack the potential to find a landing ground to provide your argument, so here your content is regarded as on point but lacks the emphasis to help the audience appreciate the ‘travel’.

You should know, these top sites do not care how desperate you are to have your content published on their platform.

What they care about is their audience, and they cannot exchange that trust for anything else operating outside the set scope.

Spend time to craft something useful, placing emphasis on focused content with the aim of letting the audience feel important and cared for.

Reading an article or any publication from one end to another is time and dedication. And that means it is something can be trusted.

Just spend time not only reading the type of content found on those sites but try to focus on flow and how writers captured readers through a consistent train of thought without any interference.

It is like boarding a bus and taking you through a route with breathtaking sights and your eyes are following keenly not to miss even a glimpse of the nature you have never ever seen before.

Such is a focused content you should be planning to give these top cream sites and with time your name will fade down the bustling street.

Understand Most of The Audience Are The Finest Breed In The Well-Up Class

If you imagine like top sites targeting celebrities, the kind of audience is not the ordinary person who has no regard for content that is packaged to address them accordingly.

You may have your argument and try to see it differently, but the watchmen manning the gate of these King and Queen site, give responses sparingly to those worthy of their crown.

So, how do you decode that barrier? By simply playing by their cards step by step without any rush.

You know also you should view your approach as an investment and therefore, tread carefully, and when you get a nod. Guard it like the only thing worth having.

Just one breakthrough to a top publication may earn you the best package for the rest of your life. Seriously! What else do you need in life?

The Final Word

Be practical and approach this method as a total beginner and pitchfork yourself from your current situation all the way up to the top cream.

When you reach up there, don’t ruin the fun of you being on top.

Do your magic by providing your best shot ever, and rest to watch how the dance goes. All in all, have fun in the process and call yourself a pro even when you don’t look like one.




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