How To Bid on Upwork If You Are A Newbie

The idea of how to bid on Upwork is still a hilly process to new and some advanced freelancers.

You only need to master what clients want any job post will never intimidate you wondering how to begin the bidding process.

Of course, every freelancer has a story to tell, but after identifying blunder in connecting with the client’s requirements, they rectify. The red flag is when the bid on Upwork fails to materialize after sending a series of them.

There are few strategies put forward to teach you How to Write a Proposal on Upwork that Actually Gets you Hired that helps you secure a job.

Let’s break down the steps you can adapt to win the client’s attention even if you have no history to show.

Bid On Upwork Only Assignments You Can Deliver

Specializing is key for you to get regular work/clients. One big mistake especially newbies do is to bid on whatever their eyes lands on. The client will without a second thought ignore your bid. Let me show you practically to understand. For instance, a freelancer like the one highlighted below…What kind of job is she supposed to bid?

Skills of a freelancer

From the freelancer highlighted above, as you can see the skills indicated should match with the job you are bidding.

The freelancer skills are like this:

  • Graphic Artist
  • Web Designer
  • Data Encoder
  • Translation Expert

Let’s assume that is your profile and you have filled in all the necessary information required of you. Now, it’s time to hunt for assignments with your skills. You’ll identify the type of job by focusing on where your skill is mentioned. Check the sample below.

Skills should match with your freelancing profile on upwork

The highlighted job postings are the perfect example of what you find/you’ll find on Upwork. So, as you bid on Upwork if you are a web designer, the only project with your skills you should send proposals. Otherwise, you will never get to hear any feedback. Worse is getting hired then mess up the client’s project since you are not qualified.

Another thing, the moment you apply, the client looks at your profile to see whether there is a mismatch. They also check your qualification and the projects you have successfully completed.

Never Charge High/Low

When you bid on Upwork, make sure your charging rate is balanced. Although, some clients may give you room for discussion, some pass like a swift arrow. “Phew”

How can you do that when you have absolutely no clue what to charge? You can check here to get some guidance when stuck. However, for newbies, even when you feel an ambitious spirit pinching you, try to control it. What do I mean? No need to charge $30/hr when your profile has a zero St** rating.

So, have this on your mind, when you bid on Upwork for that group starting out, start small, then increase your way up as you gain more work and success rate.

From zero up

You can start at $10/hr then after successfully finalizing on various projects adjust to something like $15/hr. When you attain 100% top-rated freelancer level, adjust now comfortably to a level you feel comfortable. At that stage, you have learned how the platform works and can gauge the amount to charge.

Add Marketable Portfolio

Just because Upwork tells you to add proposals, ensure you only include something that lures clients to hire you.

Before you bid on Upwork ensure everything that defines you is well placed.

You cannot have your profile reading Email copywriter while your portfolio has nothing close to what you say.

Let your portfolio have something that can persuade the client you are a real deal.

If you are Ad expert in Google ads, you can upload certification for that. No excuse for learning google ads and attaining the certification is completely free.

Do you see it? Yeah, have relevance and that is what counts even when you are being hired.

Get the right portfolio


How To Send Proposals Professionally For Starters

Should you be a pro to send irresistible proposals? If that’s what you were told, it’s not true. Successful freelancers act like professionals even if they don’t look like it.

The way you sell yourself to clients matters.

The proposal part is the determinant of whether you are going to earn money while you gain the most coveted 5-star rating.

Area to bid on Upwork

You have logged in to your Upwork account, taken some time to search for the job that clicks with your qualifications. You reach that part of sending your bid to the client. In front of you is a blank proposal area, and whatever you are to insert inside determines whether the client hires you or not. Hmmm!

The debate about how clients hire freelancers sometimes I see it varies with the clients. Why?

  1. Some believe that by submitting your proposal fast, the chances of the client hiring you are high

>>Verdict: True

2. Others say clients may peruse each and every proposal until they arrive at that freelancer that gives them answer to their needs. So, it doesn’t matter whether you apply after 5 minutes after the job posting or 2 hours…

>>Verdict: True

The two statements are true. The first one is always favorable this way. Be fast to submit your proposal immediately after the client posts the job, and include all the necessary details required.

The simplest approach to help you win through that is by creating a template like this below.

> Hi Peter,

> Thank you for the job invite. I see you are looking for an email copywriter. {Here tell the client the reason you are applying for the job}

> {Give Proof of certain project you have covered} make sure the proof is related to job posting..

> {Go an extra step and tell the client what your work will help them achieve} This area is pure gold to the client.

{Call to action time} Invite the client for further discussion of the project {You can add when you feel right time to start the project} Make sure you are ready. Do not make the client feel you are engaged with other business.

> {You can end by saying} “Looking forward to hear your feedback”  “Best Wishes”

> {Finally, leave your signature} Your name…

I see some freelancers attaching their documents saved on their PC. To appear professional, display links showing your work that has been published. Many clients do not have time to open attached documents and that may deny you a golden opportunity however qualified you are.

The process of how to bid on Upwork is not a mind boggling process. If you apply the procedures laid down from the top you are going to see the change. 

You are going to experience many hires, no wasting of your bids, start commanding higher rates as you expand, and start building a name on the Upwork platform while your clientele base expands.

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