Why Virtual Assistant Blog Is a Must Have Today: VA Beginners


The success of many renowned business owners can be seen in those who are closer to them, as their assistants and secretaries. As essential and critical business influencers, the personal assistants provide ideas for the growth of the businesses by acting as the manager and performing the roles that accompany the position.

Virtual assistant blogs are the online resume for any freelancer. It is crucial and highly recommended for a VA to build a blog to earn an extra income, fish more clients, and showcase the VA’s work.

With the current dynamic business environment shifting to online operations, Virtual Assistant is among the most vital and in-demand roles needed to increase online visibility for small and large businesses.

The VA position can be learned anywhere by anybody. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic led to an enormous shift to online business operations, including meetings. A VA role is highly needed to manage the online forum and processes.

From several testimonials, many business executives recommended using VAs to schedule events, respond to business emails and social media, and plan online meetings.

Who is a Virtual Assistant?

A VA is an individual working remotely to support a company in diverse roles.

They are mostly known as digital or online secretaries. Compared to the traditional secretaries, virtual assistants use advanced technology that allows them to work remotely without being in a physical room with their bosses.

What Does a VA Actually Do?

VAs perform an array of duties on behalf of their clients by acting as a link to the customers.

The essential tasks of a VA include planning appointments, scheduling phone calls, managing blogs, marketing, monitoring emails, graphic design, and arranging meetings on behalf of their ideal client.

Essential duties of VA include;

  • Responding to emails and phone calls from potential clients.
  • Organize content and publish ideas on the company’s social sites.
  • Organizing and preparing agendas for the meetings.
  • Planning for appointments for their bosses.
  • Carry out research and analyze data sets on behalf of their employers.

Do virtual assistants need to blog?

Blogs provide essential personality for your business, making your brand dependable and approachable. A blog acts as a digital resume for your online customer base.

It offers a platform for your potential customers to view some of your best work and testimonials from satisfied customers, thus, building confidence for those needing virtual services.

Every VA needs a blog since the blogs help display your work to those who need the services of the VA. Consequently, it will help bring more clients since the posted ideas sell the business image to the world. Besides, it will allow you to earn passive income by promoting different products and ads.

What Do Virtual Assistant Bloggers Do?

Blogging can be time-consuming due to activities like bookmarking, writing content, and submitting tasks.

Hence, a VA plays a vital role in offsetting some functions that allow you to engage in other activities to increase productivity.

This is because although you pay your VA blogger simultaneously, you work more reliably and efficiently hence higher gains.

Several duties can be performed by a VA blogger, for example;

Researching the Keywords

A VA helps research essential SEO keywords to be included in a blog to make it more accessible to the customers. Also, a VA finds the customers based on their feedback and surveys to customize the blog ideas.

Transcribing Video And Audio Posts

The VA offers transcription services on the podcasts and video tutorials. Additionally, they help develop a description of the videos or audio tasks to make it easier for your audience.

Edit Blogs And Check Grammar

After submitting a final draft, it is the responsibility of a VA to edit the posts. This task is vital as the VA will correct misspelled words and conduct a spelling check to ensure the grammar is fluent and perfect.

Furthermore, VA will help ensure that the meta description is eye-catching and attractive to the audience.

Creating Content

A VA blogger can develop new ideas for your blog in a specific niche. Alternatively, you can brainstorm with your VA to create more and better ideas for your blog.

Performing Data Analytics

Analytics is essential to monitor how many people your blog is reaching. Therefore, a VA can help Google analytics determine how many people visit your blog.

Also, the data collected will help you to come up with a strategy for increasing the number of your audience.

Help in Promotion And Affiliate Marketing

VA can help in advertising and affiliate marketing your blog. Promoting the blog will result in more clicks and visits to the blog.

How Do I Promote Myself As a VA?

Like any profession or product, a VA career should be promoted through marketing and advertising. Every online freelancer bears a vital question of how they should contact clients and market their talents to potential customers. We have provided a concise list of how VAs can best market and promote their virtual business.

Create Your Niche

It is essential to establish a specific niche since the VA business covers a broader range of activities, for example, the medical field, blogging, social media management, administrative duties, and data entry.

Of course, no one can be an expert in all areas; thus, it is critical to establish and specialize in a particular field.

Create a Website Or a Blog To Display Your Work

To be an outstanding VA, you need an elegant website that will act as your online resume for your target customers. Having a blog will enable the clients to quickly locate your work by going through the testimonials given by other clients.

Furthermore, it will allow you to post some of your best tasks, attracting more people. Additionally, the website will help in posting your contact information about you.

Use SEO-friendly Keywords

Using SEO-friendly words will enable people to locate your profile while searching the internet quickly.

Therefore, it is vital to critically use SEO-friendly terms since they will help people find your profile. In addition, the right SEO keywords will help enhance the search engine ratings.

Contact The Previous Clients

Consider reaching out to your previous clients. You have a higher chance of getting a job opportunity from someone who has already experienced your work.

If you are a freelancer, consider contacting your previous employees, telling them of your new role, and requesting tasks. Also, you can ask them to help spread the word to their colleagues and friends who may be interested in your role as a VA.

Ideas For Creating a Successful and Great Content

One needs to have engaging content to benefit from the virtual blog. The following are the critical features to make your content outstanding and beautiful.

Choose An Attention-Seeking Topic

Familiarize yourself with SEO-friendly keywords and phrases and eye-catching titles that will attract more customers to your blog.

For example, you can use a title like “Earn Money as a VA,” the topic will draw readers’ attention.

Precise Paragraphs

Remember to use shorter paragraphs for your clients to review the content quickly.

Provide Links to The Related Content

Include affiliate links to the content relating to your blog posts to allow customers to link ideas from your other blogs.

Use HD images

Images attract people to your website; therefore, use great images that relate to your topic of discussion.

Focus on a Specific Niche

Specialization is critical when it comes to blogging; hence, ensure you concentrate on a particular field in which you are an expert.

The Top Five VA Blogs

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced virtual blogger, the following top five blogs on the internet will help you learn enormously about VA blog ideas through their in-depth virtual assistant articles.

Go through the blogs, learn, and enjoy!

Virtual Assistant Networking Organization

This is among the best blogs offering VAs with a lot of content on establishing a prosperous and stable VA career.

In addition, they offer their viewers free resources that can help them successfully become gurus in the VA world.

They also provide consulting services to business influencers in need of VAs or those who want to enter the virtual assistant business.

Virtual savvy blog

The blog by the Ashley virtual assistant offers detailed guidelines on developing the best virtual assistants blog post ideas, becoming the best VA, and providing ebooks, videos, and tutorials to help improve a career in the VA world.

They help the clients get the VAs with the best talents.

MyOutDesk Virtual Professionals

MyOutDesk Virtual Professionals offers professional training to people willing to become successful VAs.

Also, they help small businesses, legal institutions, medical personnel, and bloggers get the best VAs for their duties. Without forgetting, they find the best talents and match them to those who need them.

New VA Advice

The company offers guidelines, blog posts, and tutorials to individuals who desire to become gurus in the VA business. They also provide consulting services to those companies needing virtual services. All their topics focus on building reliable and efficient VAs.

The VA Handbook

The blog focuses on developing the individuals willing to start or advance their VA career.

The main objective of the VA Handbook is to guide people in becoming modern VAs with knowledge and skills with advanced technology.

Why a VA Should Own a Blog?

Blogs are the online resume for any freelancer. It is crucial and highly recommended for a VA to build a blog for the following four significant reasons.

Attract More Customers

Blogs will help showcase your VA skill and talent to the target audience. It is a foundational aspect of fishing more clients.

The blogs will allow you to post your tasks and feedback from other clients. Doing this will attract and get more clients to your business.

More so, the blogs provide contact information about the author; thus, they will give details on how customers can easily find you.

Display Your Work as a VA

Blogs are great platforms to showcase some of your best tasks and highly rated jobs to your target audience. It is the evidence of what best you can give.

Earn Passive Income

By a VA having a blog, you can earn some side income through recommendations you make about specific services or products. Besides, you can make an extra income through ad clicks on your blog.

Training Platform

You can use your blogs to teach other people interested in VA jobs. Additionally, you can sell eBooks on your blog.

You can use your blog as an educative site where you offer VA skills at a fee to those willing to learn.

Developing a Successful VA Blog

Blogging creates a fantastic platform for VAs to advertise their services and create passive sources of income. For building a new VA blog, it is essential to know how to promote yourself digitally.

Before posting on your blog, you should ensure you use an attention-grabbing title and short paragraphs, provide links to the related content, use clear images to attract a large audience, and ensure specialization in a specific niche.

A regular online presence promotes continuous contact with potential customers in digital marketing.

Our blog offers several tips on how to become the best tips of being a successful VA blogger, links to blogger virtual assistant jobs, virtual assistant services, and significant websites and blogs to advance your VA dream.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a Virtual Assistant?

A VA is an individual working remotely to support a company in diverse roles. For example, can work as a blogger.

Is it practical to hire a VA to do social media blogging?

Yes, hiring an assistant for your social site blogging is effective and practical. Managing social sites can be demanding and business; getting a VA will help offset the burden while increasing efficiency.

What is the relevance of using a VA?

Numerous benefits can be accrued when working with the VAs. For instance, they offer skilled services since most are experts in their fields.

Additionally, they are much more convenient and reliable to work with as they do not require a physical office instead of working remotely.

What is the appropriate time to hire a VA?

All-time. You require the services of a VA for any online operations since they provide customized services to your needs.

Can a VA help me with my blogging?

Yes. A VA performs a series of tasks on the blogs. He can edit final drafts, transcribe podcasts, post on social sites, bookmark, carry out research, and also develop SEO-friendly keywords for your blog.


Blogs create a creative essence for your business, causing your brand reliable and approachable.

A blog serves as an online overview for your online client base. It presents a platform for your potential customers to see some of your finest creations and testimonials from happy customers, creating confidence for those needing virtual services.

VAs need a blog as they aid in displaying the best work for potential customers.

Besides, it helps in attracting more customers. It is highly recommended that anybody interested in becoming a VA learn blogging skills since blogs are the best platform to market yourself, display some of your tasks, and post contact information.

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