5 Newbie Freelance Management Plan

The freedom that comes with joining online freelancing is beyond any joy. Sadly, no one factors freelance management plan. Freedom is great, it costs you though. Most of the freelancers who hop to online jobs do so to get a 9 to 5 system of the hook. The freedom to work freely, and become their own boss is the excitement that fills newbies. Isn’t it great to be free? Well, a number of reasons define whether the freedom you are seeking for is worth especially if you are unwilling to consider certain aspects.

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Freelancer?

Having what it takes to manage your freelancing career

When I finally told my boss that I was quitting my job, he was shocked. I was a supervisor working in an online agency. Waking up in the morning to commit to assignments that usurped all my energy by evening, killed my passion each and every day. The situation was worse, for I had to input 12 hours daily and then commute back home.

I would spend 1 to 2 hours in the jam, morning & evening. Sleep a few hours so that I can catch up with other programs at home. And at the end of the month, I had zero pride in my achievements. Let me tell you, to be in jail, not necessarily staying behind bars locked up all day long. The worst jail is a psychological one, where your mind is locked without any outlet.

So, why did I quit my day job, and to many its a dream achievement? To me, the amount of work I was contributing, was not equal to my pay. It was peanut, pain, and this reality was refreshed at the end of every month. I love my life and was not willing to sacrifice when options were knocking at my door.

I had some idea from my brother-in-law of what online freelancing entailed. However, I wasn’t confident enough how life was to be without a paycheck. Starting something from scratch hanging on faith alone and trusting clients will come calling is not easy. So, when I started, the excitement was so real that I slacked. Waking up when I wanted, watching movies, drinking coffee like a prescribed med and disorderly behavior was the new me.

It was a wake-up call when one month down the line bills came knocking. I had no one to turn to but to figure out how to fix things. Probably, you can relate to my scenario or starting out and thinking it is a free world. Do this before you destroy beautiful life facing you right now. Be orderly, by creating a freelance management plan to keep your online work in check.

You can copy paste my approach to online freelancing that helped me have a solid freelance management plan. Today, I am more productive and earn more, because I decided.


Choose The Right Spot To Be Your Freelancing Office

Identifying the right place to carry your online work is number one discipline and part of the freelance management plan. It is tempting since no one is giving you orders, to be careless. Obvious, this is not done intentionally, but the bossy lifestyle can affect your focus if not guided. For instance, waking up lazed up where you opt to work on a project under covers is a no-go zone.

Your environment can affect your input. It is not possible to become a self-employed professional working on serious projects under sheets. The next minute you’ll be struggling with sleep issues. It is not a healthy working environment. Another not so good option is visiting a nearby cafe just because the WiFi is free. How can you pay attention to a project, while there is constant traffic of people walking in and out? You’ll end up losing the flow not forgetting you need to focus on your work.

So, have a place in your house which is free of distraction. Maybe you are a family person or planning to. Ensure the location you choose is out of bound when working. In fact, your family members either wife/husband/children or if staying with friends, just make them know that is your office.

2. Have A Working Timetable

I can’t stress this enough, have a working timetable in your freelance management plan it should be the top priority. You know, the timetable may remind you of those old school days, but it is a discipline guide. Lack of a timetable is an excuse to waste time. A good timetable that you honor will help you:

  • To stay alert
  • To be organized in your work
  • To respect time
  • To do the right things when they are needed to be done
  • To be productive

Whether you are starting out or have advanced in freelancing, it is not too late. To tell you the truth, I incorporated a timetable I was comfortable with in my freelance management plan and my productivity tripled. There are times you will look at it and be like “aaaarrrggggghhhh” but remember, “you have to honor. Let it be your constitution.

Just the way you are careful not to break the law, so it should be with the timetable. In fact, for this one, you should be more serious because it defines your life.

3. Avoid Any Form Of Distraction

For me, I must admit was a real struggle before I decided to fight the “distraction urge”. It’s funny because you never realize it. What happened is after some time I decided to audit myself. Sometimes, I do that by studying the input of other freelancers. One of the freelancers I mostly follow Walter Akolo said he had attained a level of writing 12,000 words per day. Just think about it. Probably you have, but that shocked me.

I could barely write 6000 words per day. So, when the audit report I was performing on myself came out. I realized, 60% of my time was taken by social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin), email notifications, & phone beeping.

Are you a culprit? For sure you need concentration rehab. Avoid freelancing distraction because it is a disease, and you can hardly hit freelance management plan requirement with the habit. Oh! How I wish I knew this before the addiction got into my blood system. You can’t imagine how many clients I lost and lucrative deals that would have changed my life completely.

They say a habit is a disease. At one time you see it, but ignore, tomorrow you do the same until the red button goes off. Waiting to do the right thing later than now can reach a level where you have no option to undo. Nowadays, if you are at the chronic stage, there are software’s you can install to save your career. And they perfectly switch you off and leave you to concentrate on your work. They switch off the world for you, where the only thing left, is the project in front of you.

Somebody said: “Great achievers have success routine they follow diligently. They simply discipline themselves for a period of time until a habit is born” Even you can do it, just believe & then act.

4. Create Time With Yourself

Taking a break from your tight schedule is an important health step. You may view it as unnecessary especially when you have important deals to close. However, it is a productive step to gather energy, get healthy ideas, get different focus, and time to offload tiring baggage. Sometimes when I want to breathe some air people see me as a loner.

Yes, you need to hang with your friends, family, and those cool joints. But breaking from any schedule to be with yourself is a great freelance management plan to build up more stamina of the mind. Following a routine for a period of time can suck a lot of energy from you. I love taking some walk, especially those quiet areas.

Please do not confuse this with vacation. This is the moment where your body & eyes need something natural out at some place just alone. You can excuse yourself from those close to you. Just be alone at some place without your dog, kids, gadgets, but yourself and nature. Forget the project that is promising to bring you millions, and see how the hills down the road make the view beautiful. It could be hours, or a day, by the time you are coming back your body feels unexplained refreshment.

The freelancing journey is sweet if the right habits are adopted…

5. Your Freelance Status Is Just Like Any Other Job

A shopkeeper who is not disciplined by closing & opening however they feel like will likely lose all customers to the neighboring store. I hope you have grabbed the scenario here. The same applies to you if you treat your client’s like you care less. Most client’s know it is not easy to get a perfect freelancer who is disciplined. And when they do, they hold them tight.

You have to be disciplined as a freelancer and respect your client’s work. Just as you would have behaved in traditional 9 to 5, the same you should do to your freelance. The only freedom you have as a freelancer is to manage your own time. The same applies to how much you earn, depending on what your input is.

Failing to deliver a client’s work on time is a sin. It is not unethical according to freelance management plan constitution. This happens for your failure to think you are in control. You are the guy with the idea, but your client is the guy with the dollars. Let that sink deep. You are getting paid for the services you deliver. The pay is good if you deliver more than expected, actually, you book a future hire for quality, & timely delivery.

This being the 5th and final step of the freelance management plan. It carries all the weight, which determines how far your career will go in the freelancing world. To finally remind you simply, take your online freelance work serious like any other job out there, period.

Final Word About Your Freelance Management Plan

There are millions of freelancers around the globe today. Thank you for the new shift of working which has given many jobless guys out there and me included a way to earn a living. Behind you, there are thousands that have failed to along the way. If you were to ask them, they would tell you how they wish freelance management plan guide was available then.

They would tell you how lucky you are to have learned of this in the early stages of your career. The wise are those who learn an idea and implement it immediately. You’ll be successful if you do not wait to learn mistakes yourself. Be a doer freelancer today.





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