What is a Blog? Guide on the Importance of a Blog Today

What is a blot

It is now over 2 decades since the blogging idea was introduced. However, many today are still wondering, what is a blog? In this digital era, almost everyone with access to the internet has interacted with a blog.

Whether you are hearing about the term “blog” for the first time, or you cannot define it, this guide helps to clear all your doubts once and for all.

So, what is a blog definition and example?

By definition, a blog is a website that is regularly updated through the publishing of new content. According to the blogging Law, the published content is written in a conversational or informal style to inform the audience.

Of course, the content goal is either to build a community or to achieve a business purpose.

The topic may appear new, but if you read news online, or check information about the latest trends in town, then you have read several of them, including this one. Today, there are over 500 million blogs on the web, and almost 80 million posts are pumped on the WordPress platform alone per month.

What is the difference between a Blog and a Website

Not many people differentiate between the two, even though they play a separate role. From our blog definition, we have seen it is active through regularly updating of the content, while a website is static without regular updates.

For easy understanding, all blogs are websites, but not all websites are blogs.

Websites are designed with pages only, such as homepage, services page, and contact page. A website can have one page only, to convey business information and contacts to the target audience.

If you are still wondering what is a blog, let us dig deeper. It is designed with both pages and posts of which posts are more than pages. The blog focuses on a subject like a fashion blog and regularly inform the readers by updating with fresh content.

Every new content you upload on a blog displays in reverse chronological order. Therefore, your audience gets to read your most recent posts.

So, how can you tell the difference between a blog and a website? The easy way to make the difference between the two is that blog has the author reference, publishing date, category, and tags. But the website is static without the mentioned elements.

That means when you visit the website today, after one year it will still look the same. Not all blogs have them though; however, there is constant change in content.

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Pages VS Posts – Do they have a difference?

Differentiating, the two may be a little bit confusing, which is natural. They have similarities, but there is a difference in how both work. Here is the way you can single out one from the other as classified below.

Blog Posts:

✅ They are arranged based on categories and tags

✅ They have a comment section for engagement with the audience

✅ You can have numerous posts

✅ They have the author name and the publishing date

✅ They are shareable on social media and other platforms

✅ They can be archived based on months or years

✅ They have a similar format depending on your blog theme

✅ They are organized with headings and subheadings



✅ They don’t have an RSS feed

✅ They do not display the date of publishing and the author

✅ There is no comment section

✅ The information doesn’t change often

✅ Their design is not shareable on social media as posts


The process of writing blogs is different from that of pages for they require a well-strategized approach. You need to create an outline, tone that flows with the audience, topic, subtopic, and the focus depending on the subject. When it comes to pages, it is different.

I believe you now have a better understanding of what is a blog, its difference with websites, posts, and pages.

What are the Benefits of a Blogging

Over the years, blogs have evolved, and today people blog about anything. Some use blogs as a journal, and it gives them a platform to share their ideas, experiences, and creativity with a wider audience.

On the other hand, big companies use blogs to reach their customers by educating them and as a channel to release news. Today, blogging has become an important part of marketing strategies for businesses to promote their products and services.

If you are still not sure what is a blog benefit, check the list below:

☑️ A blog gives you a voice and presents you to the world as an authority

☑️ A blog allows you to showcase your talents, skills, and creativity

☑️ It helps you to organize your thoughts and present them to the reader in an orderly manner

☑️ Businesses are using blogs to lure customers

☑️ There are various methods today you can monetize your blog, and many are making passive through that.

☑️ A blog helps you to connect and interact with like-minded people.


Example of a Blog Platform (on the web)

Currently, there are millions of blogs covering various topics. They are spread all over the world and focus on certain audiences depending on the individual or business target.

You can check our 5 blog list below that can give you a clear idea of blog definition and example.

1. Shoutmeloud


shoutmeloud blog


This blog, also known as SML (initials for ShoutMeLoud) is built around a community of bloggers idea popularly referred to as “shouters.”

It was started in 2008 by Harsh Agrawal. And the blog has had an impact on many bloggers, including the birthing of Newbie Block.

2. Tech Savvy Mama


Tech savvy mama blog


This blog run by Leticia has been helping parents maneuver the upbringing process, especially with the digital age idea. She has a teaching background and fuses that knowledge by guiding parents on how to connect their children with technology positively.

3. Dun Kariuki


duncan kariuki


Dun Kariuki is a blog that talks about anything Social Media. It was started in 2017, and you will find topics such as Social Media features, advertisement, marketing, news, and more.

Also, the founder Duncan Kariuki uses the blog to display his Virtual Assistant services.

4. Deliciously Ella


Delicious Ella Blog


If you love anything to do with foodie, this is the blog to bookmark. Ella started the blog back in 2012 and shares about eating healthy, especially plant-based eating.

Delicious Ella has personally documented the blog by sharing the real-life story of her cooking and the experience.

5. James Clear


James Clear Blog


The owner of this blog, which is under his name is a renowned New York Times bestseller author “Atomic Habits” with over a million copies sold. He covers about habits and how people can enhance their lives by adopting good habits.

He started the blog in 2012 and is a transforming place for anyone looking for positive vibes in their lives.

These are some of the popular blogs out there that you can emulate if you want to start your own.


Why Everyone is Turning to Blog

There are a couple of reasons why individuals and many brands have turned to blog.

  1. Keeps clients and customers up-to-date – Regular updates allow customers to keep coming to learn new ideas, check deals, and if your blog is interesting to them, the more they will make purchases now and then.
  2. Ability to Generate Income – You can use a blog as a source income from different sources such as selling digital products, affiliate products, and advertisements.
  3. Create Long-Lasting Prospects – Your blog can become an authority through your continued sharing of insightful posts, and it builds trust plus credibility. That connection allows your audience to make your blog top priority when seeking for answers because they can trust you.
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool – Search engine loves to crawl new content, and through that, it can rank.


Who can Start a Blog?

Anyone can start a blog today, unlike a couple of years ago when you needed to have coding skills.

Things are very easy today, and thanks for the new innovative tools making the building process easy. By drag and drop tools, your blog takes a few days to set up the process.

Many starting to run a blog make a big mistake by choosing the wrong platform. Luckily, you are safe here if you are still wondering about the process on how to create a blog. The best platform to run your blog is on WordPress platform. It is a website builder and a leading platform in the world where popular blogs run.

Statistically, 37% of the web is built on WordPress, and yours should be there as well. Note that, there are two WordPress platforms: One is WordPress.com, which is a hosted platform, while WordPress.org is a self-hosted platform like this blog.

I would recommend you go with WordPress.com because it gives you the freedom to run your blog with no restriction. You can opt to use any method to bring money through your blog (legal means, of course) with no interference.

Are you excited to run your blog? Learn from here on how to start a blog step by step. It is an easy process that requires you to buy a domain and a website hosting account.

Today, you can purchase a domain name less than $10 per year and website hosting less than $4 per month. If you are just starting out, this may seem like a costly venture, but, it is a road worth taking.

In fact, Bluehost, the only hosting company recommended by WordPress, has an offer when you host with them. You are given a hosting at $2.95 per month and a free domain for the first year.


offer by bluehost


So, you have 12 months to build a successful blog that earns you money, and the returns you get to pay for hosting and domain 2nd-year renewals. What would you call that? The smart blogging idea, right. But after securing your domain name and hosting package, check blogging for beginners and follow the simple process shown there.

I hope this blog post has helped you answer pressing questions about what is a blog. May you start a successful blogging journey that helps you to earn passive income and frees you from the 9 to 5 slavery system.


15 Cryptocurrency Sites That Pay You To Write

Cryptocurrency sites that pay writers

A virtual currency topic popularly known as Cryptocurrency is yet to settle its unquenchable fire across the globe. To some, they are yet to grab a solid understanding of the subject, while to others they see it as the latest language jargon.

Well, by definition Cryptocurrency is a virtual or digital currency that is speedily gaining space designed as a medium of exchange. However, I will not dwell much on the intricacies of the subject. The article focuses on Crypto publishers looking for writers (enthusiasts) who are well informed about the topic.

Business owners and websites trading in crypto are looking for writers acquainted with the subject. It’s a rare subject; however, it’s becoming clear as it continues to attract attention as well as getting appreciated in the market.

For starters, and enthusiasts interested in writing about crypto, I have collected some of the best sites they can consider honing their skills for pay.

So, below are Cryptocurrency sites paying writers to write for them:





Are you dreaming of the best place to offer your cryptocurrency expertise and get paid? This is the place to stop by. Coincentral has three categories of writers they would want to join their pool of experienced cryptocurrency team.

  1. Staff writer (You must possess a solid background in crypto & blockchain technology

>> Be able to write quality content

>> Be able to provide five articles minimum per month/10 maximum.

2. Fundamental analysis content creator (Premium content Team)

>> Have a deeper understanding of blockchain/ crypto technology.

>> Familiar with mining fundamentals & operations

>> You must have invested in cryptocurrency and understand how the whole process works.

>> Provide 3 articles minimum per month/4 maximum

3. A market analyst who is a trader & content creator (Premium content Team)

>> Should have two years trading experience

>> Personally must have invested in the crypto market

>> Provide 3 articles minimum per month/4 maximum

You can try your writing professionalism on the platform and see how things turn out. Reach the Coincentral platform here.

Today’s Gazette




The site is in pursuit of writers able to submit engaging & informative articles focused on cryptocurrency & altcoins subject. They look for content not covered on any other site. So, if you are confident to have your work appreciated by Twitter and Reddit audience, then you can proceed to send your pitch.

Articles without errors are highly encouraged on the platform. You can enlarge your crypto experience by reaching Today’s Gazette here.





Another great site that is looking for outstanding crypto contributors to join their writing team. You are required to share your samples to gauge how well you understand the subject.

You can email them your idea or request their topic preference via the editor’s mail. The pay rate depends on your article quality, and you can choose being paid either in fiat or cryptos. If you send an application, expect feedback within 48 hours. Why not try your luck here?





This is a news site and requires writers to provide exceptional quality of short and unique news stories. The site accepts writers across the globe. So, as long you have the tools and the capacity to deliver news stories fast and first, this is your place.

The article length is around 400 words and above. Send an application here to start rolling Crypto news to the platform.





The site is in search of reliable writers with rich experience in Crypto and ICO. As a writer, you have to provide analytical, interesting insights about market performance, and investigative journalism.

You are only required to sign a form here, and the company editors connect back with you when they see you as a good fit.

NXT Alpha

Crypto writers requirements




Are you an experienced freelancer/author and you have confidence in writing about Crypto/blockchain or public companies? Then NXT Alpha is your platform to share your expertise and get paid.

You are required to write articles ranging from 400 words to 700, though it’s not a sin to surpass that number. Make sure your original content that is unique and never published anywhere (it should be for all publications if you want to get hired time and again).

You should learn about the company audience. For they require before writing, to send a pitch via their contact page by summarizing your idea in a way that augurs with the audience. You can learn more about the site here.

Crypto Briefing

Crypto Briefing writing opportunity



This is one of the fastest-growing Crypto site and constantly hiring news writers for both (crypto & blockchain). You can make a decent income if you are quick to provide intriguing articles ranging between 400 words to 600 words.

You are also required to promote your work in the various social media platforms and provide both primary & secondary sources. The site is a great for upcoming freelancers provided you have published samples to show.

So, appear professional when contacting their editors with approximately three samples that stand out. Does that describe you? Hit the link to grab the opportunity early.


coindesk hiring process



They are looking for writers able to provide news articles or features. They have a swift hiring process, where you provide them with your CV via the company email address or showing proof of your experience with published work.

Also, they sometimes display positions available at their jobs page to learn about new opportunities. So, before sending an email, you can check the job board to see whether there is any position that can interest you. If not, send them proof of your expertise here.


Cryptovest writing opportunity



Another platform you can earn while contributing Crypto work is on this platform. They require writers to reach company editors by filling a form. Normally, you send a pitch and include your best-published work.

You can reach the site by following this linkand after doing so, if your work interests them, you get notified how to start the process.


Journalist opportunity



The journalists who are experienced in covering enterprise stories and news related to blockchain/ Cryptocurrencies are sought to join the contributing team.

They are very specific about writers joining the site.  You must have a Bachelor’s degree in

  • Public relations
  • Journalism
  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • Communications

Once you join the company, be ready to take a full-time position with compensation ranging from $23k to $40k. To join the writing team if you exhaust the above requirements go here. Another option they can pay you is through Ehterium, Litecoin, or Bitcoin.

Total Crypto

Total crypto hiring process




This site looks for writers like you to provide them with informative articles related to Crypto topics. If you have meaningful content and wish to share with the Total Crypto community, go here.

The process is easy, either sending your interest by filling the company contact form or reaching out via the editor’s email address.


How Wirex hires writers




Wirex is interesting for aspiring writers to share their ideas about Crypto & blockchain technology. You can write Crypto stories, news, or anything helpful to the site audience though informative.

The platform is welcoming especially to the new authors looking for ways to get exposed. Article expectations are not that technical, and the reason a good writing amateur in the Crypto world can easily hack it. You are required to provide in between 400 words to 800. 

Before, writing a full article, you send your reason for writing to WIREX, your idea, and any published content. Why not head here & try your luck? After your work is accepted, they reward you with $30 worth of Bitcoin.

Media Shower

Media Shower writing position




Media Shower looks for Crypto & financial writers. It’s a site that connects you to other sites offering Crypto writing jobs.

Whether you are a new or advanced writer, this is a good place to make your name, and improve on your career. They help writers to polish their skills and move to a senior writing position. It is advantageous as the more you rise your pay as well goes up.

You can apply for a Crypto position here.

AMB Crypto

AMB Crypto hiring process




AMB Crypto site calls for writers with experience in Crypto subject, Bitcoin or news to submit their ideas for review. You send the idea to the company editor and wait for the response. You can find the company here.


Bitmedia hiring page





But media is on a mission to educate the mass about anything (digital economy). One of the subjects is Cryptocurrency.

So, this is one Cryptocurrency paying site that you can earn a living contributing helpful content to inform the site audience. You can reach the company through this path.

Final Word

These Cryptocurrency sites that pay you to write can become a reliable source of income. Well, again that depends on what you are ready to provide on the table.

The topic is spreading all over, and while various companies try to win users’ attention at all costs, smart & informed writers gain in the whole process. 

Have you found another site that we may need to add? Share with us. 

5 Reasons Bluehost Is The Best Web Hosting Company

Best Web hosting service provider

So, why should you choose a great web hosting company like Bluehost over the smaller, mushrooming companies?

Simple! A poor web hosting service can be a huge turnoff.

Terrible loading speeds, persistent downtime, shocking support, unending security incidences…name it.

This means:

Frustrated visitors, low dreadful conversions, gradual loss of traffic, and inevitably, you may suffer a mammoth loss of business.

In the end, everything sounds like a big rip-off.

That’s why one of your most crucial decisions when running an online business is that of a web hosting company.

Take it from me:

If you don’t get your web host right, friend, you’ll be in a mess!

How To Choose A Web Hosting Company

So, what do you look for when hunting for the perfect web host?

  • Bandwidth

Bandwidth is a big player in almost every other website performance metric. So, what is it?

Put simply, bandwidth refers to the volume of information your internet service can transmit.

And this affects page loading speed.

You know why?

Some hosting packages limit bandwidth meaning it will take more minutes to fetch website pages from the server.

Unfortunately, visitors to your website aren’t as patient as you and will quickly hit the back buttons and move to your competitors’ website.

Needless to say, going for a web hosting company offering plans guaranteeing unlimited bandwidth will help load times.

This may increase the time that your traffic spends on the site which can lead to more conversions.


  • Support

Many things can go wrong with your website. From your WordPress installation misbehaving, backups failing to initialize, some plugins crippling your website, and more.

When this happens, the most sensible thing to do is to contact support at your hosting company for assistance.

Sadly, some of the mushrooming web hosting companies have awful support. Some take eons to respond to messages and even longer to solve the bugs especially where it’s technical.

So where does this leave you?

You will be facing long waiting days and possible income losses.


  • Website Security

According to the available statistics, the average website faces 44 attempted attacks every day!

It’s also estimated that over 360000 new malware are launched online every day.

Your online business, therefore, needs to be protected and that’s where your hosting company comes in.

If the host cannot offer the latest encryption standards, then your goose is cooked. To be on the safe side, choose a company that uses an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) at the bare minimum.

There’s an additional bonus:

Google loves websites with SSL so you may get a bump in traffic and an improved ranking.

  • Ability to scale

At some point, your website may grow and need more space. Traffic can also flood to the extent that your web hosting company’s server is struggling to accommodate it.

For this reason, you need a web host that allows you to upgrade easily to a plan that matches your needs.

  • Essentials

You will also need to factor in crucial elements like:

Email: a custom email associated with your website looks more credible. The best hosting company offers packages with adequate email addresses.

Backups: In case something happens to the current installation, a backup will help you restore service in no time. Your company should provide reliable automated  backups

Downtime: This refers to the time that your website is offline. Though not always possible, your website should never be offline because of the possible losses.

5 Reasons Bluehost is the Best Web Hosting Company

Now, one of the best web hosting companies to host your website with is Bluehost.

The company reported that they are now hosting over 1,000,000 domains –including this domain- a huge vote of confidence from users around the world.

So, what makes the company tick?


999% Uptime

Bluehost has always pioneered trendsetting inventions in the web hosting space. The engineers at this web host work round the clock to minimize downtime to levels that you can’t find anywhere else.

This unique approach has seen the company deploy sophisticated web hosting security systems to incredible success with the company currently hitting industry-leading uptime of about 99.99%.


Amazing Support

A major reason behind the company’s rise to fame has been the distinguished customer support.

The support team comprises of accomplished experts in their own right and is able to respond promptly to your queries when stuck.

You can call or chat live with the guys at the customer care desk 24/7 with tickets being attended within a few minutes.

WordPress/Joomla Integration

So why should you struggle to install WordPress or Joomla while you can get it as part of your web hosting package at Bluehost?

Yes. That’s right.

The company’s deep experience in handling diverse user needs has allowed them to craft unique tools to help you install and work easily with not only Joomla and WordPress but also many other popular applications.

Lightning Fast Loading Speeds

Bluehost has prioritized website loading speeds above everything else.

The company boasts of faster hardware, highly innovative network architecture- with powerful data centers hosted in three continents- and the latest software solutions.

Courtesy of this continued culture of being early adaptors of the latest website hosting speed technologies, the company guarantees that your website will be uploading in phenomenal time.

Impregnable Security

Still, the company has gone out of its way to implementing one of the most revolutionary security setups ever seen.

Not only does each and every website come with a free SSL Certificate but you will also have custom firewall security rules guarding your site against malicious attacks.

Not only that:

The company makes a lot of updates –including security apps- every year as part of ensuring that criminals will never have a way through.

And in the very unlikely event that your site is felled, the company’s dependable auto backups will help you to restore service quickly.

Final Word

Bluehost is head and shoulders above the competing web hosting companies.

From advanced security systems, super-fast loading speeds, outstanding customer support, and almost 100% uptime, and WordPress/Joomla integration, this company’s web hosting systems have it all.

Your site will always be on, secure, loading fast, and generally on track to generate a handsome return on investment!

You can try Bluehost here and see for yourself whether its services fit your business.